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Farah McAdam
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Muay Thai Semi-Professional

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Farah McAdam personal details

First Name Farah
Last Name McAdam
Birth Name
Date of Birth
Born Glasgow, Scotland
Residence Scotland
Status Active
Nationality Scottish
Weight class Welterweight
Weight range 144 - 155lbs / 65 - 70kg
Preferred 147lbs / 67kg
Height 5ft 11in / 180cm
Reach -

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Farah McAdam martial arts details

Muay Thai Semi-Professional
Taekwondo Purple Belt
Former Practitioner
Karate Green Belt
Former Practitioner

Farah McAdam fight history

W Rose Beattie TKO (Injury) Muay Thai 10/09/22 The Homecoming, Brickfields Sports Center, Plymouth, Devon, England, United Kingdom W
1:11 R3 / 5x2 Semi-Pro 67kg
L Claire Clements Decision Muay Thai .../.../18 Carlisle, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom L
..... ..... Semi-Pro B-Class • 62kg
W Kirsty McBeath Unanimous Decision Muay Thai .../.../18 Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland W
..... ..... Amateur C-Class • 65kg
W Chrisanne McBain TKO (Knees) Muay Thai .../.../17 Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland W
1:28 R1 Amateur C-Class • 65kg

Farah tells Awakening, “When I was seven, my mum suggested I try karate as one of my school friends wanted someone to go with. At the time, my main hobbies were swimming and dance. I enjoyed my first karate class and kept going back after school. I lost interest in dancing soon after. I tried various other sports as well, such as figure skating, but karate eventually replaced swimming as my mainstay.

When I was in high school, I moved on to taekwondo. I worked my way up in belts and competed a couple of times. I stopped training a year or so into university, as I was just too busy with my studies.

However, in my final year, I needed an outlet for stress, so I tried a nearby Muay Thai gym. I took to it instantly, and it became clear that practicing a martial art was an essential component of my life. As I improved, I became interested in fighting as a way to test myself and find out if I could apply what I’ve learned.”

Farah McAdam’s Bio

Farah McAdam is a female Muay Thai fighter from Glasgow, Scotland.

Before settling on Muay Thai as a discipline, Farah tried numerous active hobbies. At school she started Karate, dance, figure skating at swimming. Karate became more important than the others in her early years. She later moved into Taekwondo to some success, only to halt training due to university commitments. In her final year, she took up Muay Thai to help deal with stress.

Team Details

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The Griphouse Gym / Affiliation
----- Trainer / Instructor / Coach
----- Management


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