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Hitomi Akano, nicknamed Girlfight Monster, is a Professional Bantamweight MMA Champion, born in Osaka, Japan and residing in Tokyo, Japan. She is also a Champion in Judo.

Judo literally translates as ” the gentle way”. It is a martial way that was founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano (seen in the photo). Kano formulated Judo from styles of Jujutsu that he had studied. In Japan at this time many changes in society were occuring because of western influences. A major change was the overthrow of the Shogun and the reinstatement of the emperor in what is known as the Meiji restoration.

One manifestation of this change was the decline of the warrior class known as the samurai or bugei. Up until this time, the warrior class could kill another for the slightest offense. In the case of the peasant class, this usually meant oppression and immediate death for minor offenses. After the Meiji restoration this type of behavior was not supported and the carrying of swords was outlawed. This led to a decline in Jujutsu styles whose main function was martial. In this atmosphere, Kano (and others of other martial arts), changed the emphasis from purely physical to spiritual endeavors. Hence the change in name from Jutsu (art or technique) to do (path or way); same as the Chinese word tao. Kano meant Judo to be both physical training as well as a path towards building good moral character and spirituality. Part of Kano’s vision for Judo was for it to be a guide in all aspects of life and lead to greater harmony. This is reflected in one saying from Judo, “maximum efficiency with minimum effort for the mutual welfare and benefit of all”.

Today Judo is practiced both as a sport and as an art. Judo was accepted into the Olympic games in 1964 and since that time, most dojo for Judo emphasize the competitive aspects.

As martial arts spread, so did the idea of mixed-style competitions. Often a practitioner of one martial art challenged a practitioner of a different one for ultimate bragging rights. These mixed-style competitions took place worldwide for several decades, eventually gaining intense popularity in the United States.

Participants in these competitions learned from their opponents and began to realize that in order to become well-rounded fighters, they must study any combative art form that could give them an edge in the game.

For instance, if a kickboxer was matched with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, the kickboxer would realize that he must become more adept at defending takedowns, thus prompting him to train with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters. (Jiu-Jitsu ground fighting incorporates various submission holds, such as joint and compression locks and chokes.) From that point forward, competitions were no longer between athletes who focused on a singular martial art but between two mixed martial arts athletes.

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1ST DISCIPLINE MMA Professional Champion
2ND DISCIPLINE Judo Professional Champion
First Name Hitomi
Last Name Akano
Nickname/s Girlfight Monster
Birth Name -
Age -
Date of Birth July 27, 1974
Nationality Japanese
Born Osaka, Japan
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Status Retired
Weight class Bantamweight
Weight range 126.1 - 136lbs / 57 - 61kg
Preferred 136lbs / 62kg
Height 5ft 4in / 162cm
Reach 61in
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MMA 18-10-0

MMA 14 Submissions


Sep 2006 – Sep 2007 / Smackgirl Middleweight Champion
Mar 1999 – Grand Prix Città di Roma (U63) (Silver)
Feb 1999 – ASKO World Tournament Leonding (U63) (Silver)









Trainers / Instructors / Coaches


Gym / Affiliations

Abe Ani Combat Club



† = Title Fight
Alexis Davis Rear-Naked Choke R2 03:41 MMA Pro   07/28/12 – Invicta FC2 – Baszler vs. McMann
Sara McMann Unanimous Decision R3 05:00 MMA Pro 01/09/12 – ProElite 3 – Da Spyder vs. Minowaman
Roxanne Modafferi Unanimous Decision R2 05:00 MMA Pro   07/09/11 – Jewels – 15th Ring
Chisa Yonezawa Armbar R1 00:40 MMA Pro 03/13/11 – Pancrase – Impressive Tour 2
Miesha Tate Unanimous Decision R3 03:00 MMA† Pro   08/13/10 – Strikeforce – Challengers 10
Carina Damm Triangle Armbar R2 01:48 MMA Pro   08/13/10 – Strikeforce – Challengers 10
Hiroko Yamanaka Split Decision R2 05:00 MMA Pro   03/19/10 – Jewels – Seventh Ring
Miki Morifuji Straight Armbar R2 04:17 MMA Pro 07/11/09 – Jewels – Fourth Ring
Cristiane Justino TKO (Punches) R3 00:35 MMA Pro   04/11/09 – Strikeforce – Shamrock vs. Diaz
Mika Harigai Armbar R1 00:38 MMA Pro 11/16/08 – Jewels – First Ring
Hiroko Yamanaka Armbar R2 03:10 MMA Pro   04/25/08 – Smackgirl – World ReMix 2008 2nd
Megumi Yabushita Heel hook R2 04:16 MMA Pro   02/14/08 – Smackgirl – World ReMix 2008 1st
Vanessa Porto Split Decision R5 03:00 MMA Pro 11/03/07 – FFF 3 – War of the Roses
Takayo Hashi Unanimous Decision R3 05:00 MMA† Pro 09/06/07 – Smackgirl – Queens’ Hottest Summer
Elizabeth Posener Armbar R2 00:52 MMA Pro 05/19/07 – Smackgirl – The Queen Said the USA is the Strongest
Amanda Buckner Unanimous Decision R3 05:00 MMA Pro 04/14/07 – Bodog Fight – Clash of the Nations
Keiko Tamai Armbar R2 04:48 MMA Pro   10/04/06 – MARS – Bodog Fight
Molly Helsel Armbar R2 01:32 MMA† Pro   09/15/06 – Smackgirl – Women Hold Their Ground
Emma Bush Unanimous Decision R2 05:00 MMA Pro 06/30/06 – Smackgirl – Top Girl Battle
Tara LaRosa Unanimous Decision R3 05:00 MMA Pro 06/03/06 – MFC – USA vs. Russia 3
Debi Purcell Unanimous Decision R2 05:00 MMA Pro   02/15/05 – Smackgirl – Advent of Goddess
Keiko Tamai Armbar R1 01:27 MMA Pro 12/17/05 – G-Shooto – G-Shooto 03
Asako Saioka Unanimous Decision R2 05:00 MMA Pro 10/15/05 – Smackgirl – Shimokita Experiment
Takayo Hashi Armbar R1 01:19 MMA Pro 08/17/05 – Smackgirl – Dynamic!!
Kinuka Sasaki Armbar R1 03:58 MMA Pro 06/10/05 – Smackgirl – Next Cinderella 2005 2nd Stage
Seri Saito Armbar R2 01:25 MMA Pro 04/29/05 – Smackgirl – Next Cinderella 2005 1st Stage
Mika Harigai Armbar R1 02:29 MMA Pro 01/08/05 – Smackgirl – Refresh 2005
Megumi Yabushita Unanimous Decision R2 05:00 MMA Pro   11/26/04 – G-Shooto – G-Shooto 01
Jenny Gal N/A Final Final Judo Pro 03/07/99 – World Cup – Grand Prix Città di Roma
Katarina Walta N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 03/07/99 – World Cup – Grand Prix Città di Roma
Rasa Sraka N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 03/07/99 – World Cup – Grand Prix Città di Roma
Andreia Cavalleri N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 03/07/99 – World Cup – Grand Prix Città di Roma
Karen Roberts N/A Final Final Judo Pro 02/21/99 – ASKO World Tournament Leonding
Ewa Iwanska N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 02/21/99 – ASKO World Tournament Leonding
Sandra Wurm N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 02/21/99 – ASKO World Tournament Leonding
Rasa Sraka N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 02/21/99 – ASKO World Tournament Leonding
Claudia Heill N/A ……….. ……. Judo Pro 02/21/99 – ASKO World Tournament Leonding