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Dutch female fighter Jorina ‘Jojo’ Baars. Community based fighter ratings and feedback. Includes Muay Thai and MMA stats, fight record, bio, martial arts history, photos, videos and links for Jorina Baars Muay Thai, Jorina Baars MMA.

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1ST DISCIPLINE Muay Thai Professional World Champion
2ND DISCIPLINE Kickboxing Professional World Champion
3RD DISCIPLINE MMA Professional -
4TH DISCIPLINE Aikido Practitioner -

Jorina Baars began training at the age of 7, and fighting at the age of 12.


Jorina works as head of security at a nightclub in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

First Name Jorina
Last Name Baars
Nickname/s Jojo
Birth Name -
Age 26 
Date of Birth October 18, 1988
Nationality Dutch
Born Den Helder, Netherlands
Residence Den Helder, Netherlands
Status Active
Weight class Welterweight
Weight range 136.1 - 147lbs / 61 - 67kg
Preferred 147lbs / 67kg
Height 5ft 11in / 180cm
Reach -
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Jorina tells Awakening,“I start training when I was 7 and my coach asked me why will you start training. My answer was “I want be Dutch youth champion!” When I was 12 I fought my first fights and I won the Dutch youth title. After that, at 15 I had to fight the adults. Normally that is when you are 16 but I had no opponents anymore in youth class. So my coach asked me what’s next? “I will be Dutch adult champion” And I did it! Later when I was 16-17 years old I won European and World Championship. I always say if you will be the best you need to beat the best!”

Muay Thai & K1 37-0-3
MMA 1-3-0
MMA (Amateur) 0-1-0

Muay Thai & K110 (T)KOs
MMA 1 Submission


2014 / 2015 – Lion Fight Promotions Welterweight Champion, -66kg (inaugural, 1 defense)
2012 – Amazon of K1 Kickboxing Grand Prix (Winner)
2011 – National Dutch Title, 147 lbs
2009 – ISKA World Welterweight Title, 66kg
2009 – IMTF European Title, 67kg
2008 – WFCA European Title, 63.5kg (defended)
2007 – WFCA Worlds, 61.23kg
2006 – WFCA European Title, 63.5kg (defended)
2006 – Nover Dutch Title, 65kg (defended)
2006 – WFCA European Title, 63.5kg
2005 – Nover Dutch Title, 65kg


2014 – 1st Most Viewed Awakening Profile  in 2014 Awards
2014 – Awakening Muay Thai Awards / Fight of the Year (Lion Fight 14: Cristiane Justino) Awards
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Trainers / Instructors / Coaches

Bob & Irma Schreiber
Jaap Blokker
John Jongepier
Dennis Hekking

Gym / Affiliations

SportsArt Den Helder




PPS Security
Essimo Fightgear

† = Title Fight
Chantal Ughi TKO (Retirement) R3 /5×3 3:00 Muay Thai† Pro   02/20/15 – Lion Fight 20, Mashantucket, CT, USA
Cristiane Justino ‘Cyborg’ Unanimous Decision R5 /5×3 3:00 Muay Thai† Pro   03/28/14 – Lion Fight 14, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Maria Hougaard Djursaa TKO (Retirement) R2 5:00 MMA Pro   04/19/13 – EMMA 5: Frederiksberg
Alexandra Buch Guillotine Choke R1 0:52 MMA Pro   02/02/13 – MMAB: MMA Bundesliga
Katrin Dirheimer Decision ……….. ……. K1† Pro   09/08/12 – Amazon of K1 Grand Prix Final, Germany
Martina Jindrová
Decision ……….. ……. K1 Pro   09/08/12 – Amazon of K1 Grand Prix Semi-Finals, Germany
Julia Symannek KO R2 ……. K1 Pro   09/08/12 – Amazon of K1 Grand Prix Quarter-Finals, Germany
Danielle West  TKO (Punches) R3 ……. MMA Pro   02/12/12 – GFO 7 – Girl Fights Only 7
Anissa Haddaoui TKO R4 ……. Muay Thai† Pro   11/12/11 – National Title, Den Helder Fight Gala
Cindy Dandois  TKO (Punches) R2 4:50 MMA Pro   03/19/11 – SD – Staredown
Chantal Ughi Split Decision ……….. ……. Muay Thai† Pro   10/17/09 – European ITMF Title, Den Helder, Netherlands
Helene Garnett Points R5 /5×2 2:00 Muay Thai† Pro   03/29/09 – ISKA Welterweight World Title, Sheffield, UK
Najat Hasnouni-Alaoui ………………………… ……….. ……. K1 Pro   10/05/08 – Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Debora Simabuku KO ……….. ……. Kickboxing Pro   11/24/07 – WFCA World Title, Groningen, Netherlands
Nong Toom Parinya Decision R3 /3×3 3:00 Muay Thai Pro   10/14/07 – Battle of Arnhem, Holland
Loli Muñoz Garcia Decision ……….. ……. Kickboxing Pro   11/25/06 – Netherlands
Hatice Ozyurt TKO R4 ……. Muay Thai† Pro   06/03/06 – Dutch Title, Netherlands
Chajmaa Bellakhal Decision ……….. ……. Muay Thai Pro   04/15/06 – Netherlands
Hatice Ozyurt Decision ……….. ……. Muay Thai Pro   11/26/05 – Netherlands
Nadia Van der Wel Unanimous Decision R2 3:00 MMA Amateur   05/22/05 – Shooto – Holland 3
Marloes Merza Decision ……….. ……. Muay Thai Pro   02/05/05 – Oostzaan, Holland
Marloes Merza ………………………… ……….. ……. Muay Thai Pro   12/19/04 – ……………………………………………………….