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Julia Berezikova is a Flyweight MMA Professional born in Krasnokamensk, Russia and residing in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is a Champion in Judo, Boxing, Wushu and Sambo and also a practitioner in Muay Thai.

Titles Won:
2012 – Russian Kung Fu Champion
2012 – Russian Grappling Champion
2012 – Russian Muay Thai Champion
2007 / 2008 – Russian Jiu Jitsu Champion
2004 – Saint Petersburg Combat Sambo Champion
2004 / 2005 – Russian Boxing Championship
2003 / 2005 – Saint Petersburg Boxing Championship
2003 – Russian Cup (Boxing)

The Chinese Martial Arts, and indeed all the Martial Arts that followed, appear to be the result of a cross-fertilisation between India and China and the passage of people between the two counties. Monks and merchants were constantly making the journey and it is not unreasonable to assume that they required trained body guards or even to learn to defend themselves. Combined with Dat Mo ‘s intervention at the Shaolin Temple this has lead to what we call Kung Fu today.

Judo literally translates as ” the gentle way”. It is a martial way that was founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano (seen in the photo). Kano formulated Judo from styles of Jujutsu that he had studied. In Japan at this time many changes in society were occuring because of western influences. A major change was the overthrow of the Shogun and the reinstatement of the emperor in what is known as the Meiji restoration.

One manifestation of this change was the decline of the warrior class known as the samurai or bugei. Up until this time, the warrior class could kill another for the slightest offense. In the case of the peasant class, this usually meant oppression and immediate death for minor offenses. After the Meiji restoration this type of behavior was not supported and the carrying of swords was outlawed. This led to a decline in Jujutsu styles whose main function was martial. In this atmosphere, Kano (and others of other martial arts), changed the emphasis from purely physical to spiritual endeavors. Hence the change in name from Jutsu (art or technique) to do (path or way); same as the Chinese word tao. Kano meant Judo to be both physical training as well as a path towards building good moral character and spirituality. Part of Kano’s vision for Judo was for it to be a guide in all aspects of life and lead to greater harmony. This is reflected in one saying from Judo, “maximum efficiency with minimum effort for the mutual welfare and benefit of all”.

Today Judo is practiced both as a sport and as an art. Judo was accepted into the Olympic games in 1964 and since that time, most dojo for Judo emphasize the competitive aspects.

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2ND DISCIPLINEJudoProfessionalChampion
3RD DISCIPLINEBoxingProfessionalChampion
4TH DISCIPLINEWushuProfessionalChampion
5TH DISCIPLINESamboProfessionalChampion
6TH DISCIPLINEMuay ThaiProfessionalNational Champion
First NameJulia
Last NameBerezikova
Birth Name-
Date of BirthNovember 17, 1983
BornKrasnokamensk, Russia
ResidenceSaint Petersburg, Russia
Weight classFlyweight
Weight range116 - 133lbs / 52 - 60kg
Preferred133lbs / 60kg
Height5ft 6in / 167cm
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Julia tells Awakening, “I started martial arts at the age of 10, I had been playing basketball from the early age of 6 years old!”


5 Submissions
Boxing 2 TKOs


2012 – Russian Kung Fu Champion
2012 – Russian Grappling Champion
2012 – Russian Muay Thai Champion
2008 – Russian Jiu Jitsu Champion
2007 – Russian Jiu Jitsu Champion
2005 – Russian Boxing Championship (Winner)
2005 – Saint Petersburg Boxing Championship (Winner)
2004 – Saint Petersburg Combat Sambo Champion
2004 – Russian Boxing Championship (Winner)
2004 – Saint Petersburg Boxing Championship (Winner)
2003 – Saint Petersburg Boxing Championship (Winner)
2003 – Russian Boxing Cup (Winner)
2003 – Russian Sanda (Medalist)
1998 – Asian Judo Championships (Medalist)

Trainers / Instructors / Coaches

Seregi Nikitin

Gym / Affiliations


† = Title Fight
Ilona Wijmans …………………………………..…….Muay ThaiPro 11/30/14 – W5, Bratislava, Slovakia
Lucia Krajčovič…………………………………..…….Muay ThaiPro 11/30/14 – W5, Bratislava, Slovakia
Dalia VasarhelyiTKOR4 /6×20:43BoxingPro 11/08/14 – Yunost, Klimovsk, Russia
Anke Van GestelUnanimous DecisionR4…….Muay ThaiPro 09/13/14 – Tatneft Cup Rules KO, Russia
Nadezhda KhaenokTKOR3 /4×21:29BoxingPro 11/16/13 – Ivanhoe Country Club, Podolsk, Russia
Joanna JedrzejczykUnanimous DecisionR25:00MMAPro 06/20/13 – Fight Nights – Battle of Moscow 12
Karla BenitezArmbarR21:42MMAPro 12/07/12 – SFL 12 – Rise of the Challengers
Karla BenitezSplit DecisionR25:00MMAPro 05/26/12 – FEFoMP – Mayor Cup 2012
Alena HolaArmbarR21:35MMAPro 03/08/12 – Fight Nights – Battle of Moscow 6
Eugenia KostinaUnanimous DecisionR23:00MMAPro 11/05/11 – Fight Nights – Battle of Moscow 5
Milana DudievaSubmission (Punches)R24:40MMAPro 02/28/09 – FightForce: Day of Anger
Megumi YabushitaUnanimous DecisionR25:00MMAPro 04/19/08 – FightForce: Russia vs. The World
Rosi SextonArmbarR21:49MMAPro 08/24/07 – BodogFight: Vancouver
Julie KedzieTKO (Punches)R22:49MMAPro 04/14/07 – BodogFight: Clash of the Nations
Song Lee JinTKO (Punches)R10:51MMAPro 01/20/07 – M-1 MFC: Russia vs. Korea
Tara LaRosaArmbarR21:28MMAPro 12/02/06 – BodogFight: USA vs. Russia
Ksenia TakuChokeR1…….MMAPro 10/12/06 – M-1 Mix- Fight: Mix Fight vs. Boxing
Ksenia ShubinaArmbarR10:51MMAPro …/06/04 – Sankt-Petersburg Kazino “Konti”