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Lauren Huxley “I am very grateful”

Lauren Huxley “I am very grateful”

An interview with Lauren ‘The Hatchet’ Huxley:

Lauren Huxley Interview

Rew Mitchell

Hi Lauren, and congratulations on winning the public vote for Newcomer of the Year in the Awakening Female Muay Thai 2013 Awards!

Lauren Huxley

“Hi guys, thank you.. I’m honoured!”


Rew Mitchell

We know that as a newcomer it’s sometimes hard to find your place or get seen amongst the hundreds of fighters that start their careers each year. It’s probably safe to say that working with Awakening earlier in the year may have helped your name get out there a little, but we definitely want to be clear that you are a fighter that is worthy of this award for your loveable character and exciting style.

As a young fighter, how does it feel to be publicly voted for an award such as this by a global community?

Lauren Huxley

“I was overwhelmed at the thought of people thinking I was good enough to be even nominated. When I actually won I was amazed. I am very grateful to everybody that voted for me, and to Awakening for raising my profile.”

Rew Mitchell

You’re welcome! Your coach Paul Wheel and team at WPT (Wales) have been very supportive of you this year. How did your coach react to your winning this award?

Lauren Huxley

“He was delighted for me; he rang me as soon as he heard and congratulated me, and said I deserve it.”

Rew Mitchell

Now, we know first-hand that you are an exciting fighter and have all the ingredients that it takes to become something special. Some people might start wanting to see you against some bigger names. However, on speaking to your coach earlier this year he said he didn’t want to push you too fast, or drop you into the deep end as you are still only 16. We agree that some things shouldn’t be rushed – what are your thoughts on your progress and how do you see your future playing out?

Lauren Huxley

“I couldn’t be happier with how last year went. I won 3 titles in 6 months, along with other non-title fights. Turning pro was a new learning curve for me again. Paul my coach has 30+ years’ experience in this sport and I trust his judgement 100%. He knows how I think and react and he wants the best for me. I am looking forward to moving up the ranks and fighting some bigger names.”

Rew Mitchell

We’ll no doubt be pestering you for more interviews as those opportunities start to arise!
Actually, having spoken to you several times throughout the year, we think we know the answer to this next one. For the benefit of our readers, which fighters inspire you and why?

Lauren Huxley

“When I began I was hugely inspired by Julie Kitchen, and I still am…”

Rew Mitchell

Obviously… we can see that in your fight style and persona.

Lauren Huxley

“Thanks! …and I think she has done wonders for female Muay Thai. I’m sad that she’s retired, but I’m also inspired by Iman Barlow… I would love to follow in her footsteps, because she is phenomenal in what she does.”

Rew Mitchell

Ok, quick-fire round! We’re only asking this because we know you well enough. We’d like to know who you voted for in the awards? Of course you don’t have to answer:

Lauren Huxley

“Ha, yeah that’s fine”

Rew Mitchell

Fighter of the Year = Iman Barlow
Inspirational Fighter of the Year = Iman Barlow
Personality of the Year = Julie Kitchen
Fight of the Year = Iman vs Filipa
KO / TKO of the Year = Tiffany vs Alexis
Promotion of the Year = Enfusion

A sneaky insight into the Hatchet brain there!

Ok, what are your thoughts on the Awakening Female Muay Thai Awards in general?

Lauren Huxley

“My thoughts on the awards are… thank god for Awakening. They allow the community to share their views and helps promote female fighters in general. I am always impressed with Awakenings work.”

Rew Mitchell

Lastly, have you voted for the Awakening WMMA 2013 Awards? If so, care to share any names you’ve voted for?

Lauren Huxley

Jo Jo Calderwood, Tecia Torres, Cris Cyborg and Bec Hyatt
…but I’m not saying in which categories!”

Rew Mitchell

Now it’s your turn to do some shout outs and thank anyone you’d like…. GO!

Lauren Huxley

“I’d like to thank Awakening for doing these awards and Rew especially, everybody who voted for me. It really does mean a lot to me. My coach Paul and the team at WPT who teach me all I know. My family and friends for the support and understanding, and Pete Spensley at the Celtic Championship Challenge, for the opportunities. I hope I continue to perform and develop.”

Rew Mitchell

Thanks for your for speaking with us Lauren. We wish you all the best for 2014, and we will be following the progression of your career eagerly!

Lauren Huxley

“The support motivates me and I really do appreciate it. xxx”

Payne vs Van Soest

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