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Cynthia Rothrock
Awakening Ally
United States

Tang Soo Do Professional

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Cynthia Rothrock personal details

First Name Cynthia
Last Name Rothrock
Birth Name Cynthia Ann Christine Rothrock
Age -
Date of Birth
Born Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Residence Los Angeles, California, United States
Status Active
Nationality American
Weight class
Weight range - lbs / - kg
Preferred -
Height 5ft 3in / 160cm
Reach -

Cynthia Rothrock martial arts details

Tang Soo Do 7th Degree Black Belt
Karate Black Belt
5x World Champion
Taekwondo Black Belt
Wushu Black Belt
Kung Fu Pai Lun Tao Black Belt
Kung Fu Northern Shaolin Black Belt

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Cynthia Rothrock’s Bio

Cynthia Rothrock is a female fighter from Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

She began her incredible journey into the arts with Karate at the age of 13. As well as the above achievements she also holds a black belt in Eagle Claw, a Chinese grappling art. You will see that one of her arts is Kung Fu, the specific style is Pai Lun Tao, a contemporary Chinese style. This beautiful living legend is a specialist with weapons including: Chinese Double Broad Swords, Staff, Chinese Nine-section Steel Whip Chain, Chinese Iron Fan, and an assortment of Okinawan Kobudo and Japanese Bugei Weapons. Her favourite weapons are hook swords.

She is the first woman to ever appear on the cover of a martial arts magazine. She is the inspiration behind the video game character Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat. Cynthia can be found at Expos globally, and is a available for seminars and private lessons.

Personal Life

Cynthia has a daughter, Skylar Sophia Rothrock.


Karate Titles

1981-1985 5x World Karate Champion (incl. weapons & forms)


2012 - AOCA | Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award
1983 - Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee
1983 - Black Belt Hall of Fame | Competitor of the Year
Crystal Awards | Lifetime Achievement Award
Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame Inductee
Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
From 1982-1985, Cynthia was the undefeated World Karate Champion competing in both weapons and forms. During her career she has literally won hundreds of trophies and accolades, actually too many for the Register to list!

Media Appearances


Dukes of Hazzard Reunion (MOW)
Faking It (The Learning Channel)
Eek The Cat


Rogue Space: The Adventures of Saber Raine (2012)
Double Fury (2012)
Xtreme Fighter (aka Sci-Fighter) (2004)
Bala Perdida (2003)
Outside the Law (2002)
Redemption (2001)
Manhattan Chase (2000)
Tiger Claws 3 (1999)
The Hostage (1997)
The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! (1997)
American Tigers (1997)
Sworn to Justice (formerly Blond Justice) (1996)
Checkmate (1996)
Night Vision (1996)
The Encyclopedia of Martial Arts-Martial Combat (1996)
Tiger Claws 2 (1995)
Undefeatable (1994)
Bloody Mary Killer (1994)
Fast Getaway 2 (1994)
Eye for an Eye (1994)
Irresistible Force (1993)
Guardian Angel (1993)
Rage and Honor 3 (1992)
City Cops (Beyond the Law) (1992)
Honor and Glory (1991)
Rage and Honor 2 (1991)
Lady Dragon 2 (1991)
Deadliest Art: Best of the Martial Arts Films (1990)
Free Fighter (1990)
Fast Getaway (1990)
Martial Law 2: Undercover (1990)
Lady Dragon (1990)
Tiger Claws (1990)
Rage and Honor (1990)
Triple Cross (aka Angel of Fury) (1989)
Martial Law (1989)
Prince of the Sun (1989)
The Inspector Wears Skirts (aka Top Squad) (1988)
Righting Wrongs II: Blonde Fury (1988)
China O’Brien (1988)
China O’Brien II (1988)
No Retreat, No Surrender 2 (1987)
Magic Crystal (1987)
Millionaire’s Express (Shanghai Express) (1986)
Righting Wrongs (aka Above the Law) (1986)
24 Hours to Midnight (1985)
Defend Yourself / Sybervision (1985)
Yes, Madam (1985)

Other Media

Cynthia has featured on the cover of almost every martial arts magazine worldwide, and featured in over 300 stories and articles. Some of the magazines include:
Black Belt Magazine (United States)
Inside Kung-Fu (United States)
Martial Arts Training (United States)
Martial Arts Stars (United States)
Inside Karate (United States)
Sensei (Spanish-Argentina)
Australian Fighting Arts
China Sports (Beijing, China)
Budo (Brazil)
Combat Sport (Spanish-Brazil)
Combat Magazine (England)
Sushido (French)
Kung-Fu Wu Shu (French)
Karate Budo Journal (Germany)
Australian Tae Kwon Do
The Fighters (England)
Martial Arts Illustrated (England)
Michael De Pasquale Jr.’s Karate International (United States)
Budo Karate (Japan)
Banzai International (Italy)
Czarny Pas (Poland)
Cinturon Negro (Spain)
Ninja Weapons (United States)
El Budoka (Spain)
Kicksider (Germany)
Impact Magazine (Germany)
Karate Illustrated (United States)
The Swedish Fighter’s International (Sweden)
Master (United States)
Kung-Fu Illustrated (United States)
The Fighter (Thailand)
Masters Series (United States)
The Martial Arts Gazette (United States)
Karate Profiles (United States)
Sport Karate International (United States)
The World of Martial Arts (United States)
The Dojo (United States)
…and hundreds of National and International newspapers.

Published Books

Advanced Dynamic Kicks (1986), ISBN: 0897501292, 9780897501293

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