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Emy Kougioumtzoglou
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Kickboxing & K1 1 TKO
Kickboxing (Amateur) 2 TKOs

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Emy Kougioumtzoglou personal details

First Name Emy
Last Name Kougioumtzoglou
Birth Name Emilia (Aemilia) Kougioumtzoglou
Age -
Date of Birth
Born Thessaloniki, Greece
Residence Athens, Greece
Status Active
Nationality Greek
Weight class Flyweight
Weight range 112 - 117lbs / 51 - 53kg
Preferred 116lbs / 52kg
Height 5ft 4.5in / 163.5cm
Reach -

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Emy Kougioumtzoglou martial arts details

Kickboxing Professional
National Champion
Boxing Amateur
Amateur Champion
Muay Thai Practitioner
Savate Professional

Emy Kougioumtzoglou fight history

L Christina Stelliou TKO (Injury) K1 03/29/14 YT WKU, Gods of War 4, Athens, Greece L
..... R2 / 3x3 Pro 53kg
L Jleana Valentino Unanimous Decision K1 03/01/14 YT WKO Pro Elite Tournament, Milan, Italy L
3:00 R3 / 3x3 Pro Tournament Semi-Finals • 52kg
W Katia Tsovgan Unanimous Decision K1 01/19/14 YT Athens, Greece W
3:00 R3 / 3x3 Pro 51kg
W Eleonora Sponchia Unanimous Decision K1 10/19/13 YT WKO Pro Elite Tournament, Milan, Italy W
3:00 R3 / 3x3 Pro Tournament Quarter-Finals • 52kg
W Valentina Pellati Unanimous Decision K1 06/30/13 YT Cesena, Italy W
2:00 R4 / 4x2 Pro 51kg
W Aminta Ariano TKO K1 05/04/13 YT Milan, Italy W
..... R2 / 3x3 Pro 52kg
W Mara Sadocco Unanimous Decision K1 02/16/13 YT Milan, Italy W
2:00 R4 / 4x2 Pro 52kg
W Eleana Konstantinidou Unanimous Decision K1† 05/12/12 YT Urban Fighters Tournament, Piraeus, Greece W
2:00 R3+1 / 3x2 Pro Tournament Final • 52kg
W Sandy Archonti Unanimous Decision K1 05/12/12 Urban Fighters Tournament, Piraeus, Greece W
2:00 R3+1 / 3x2 Pro Tournament Semi-Finals • 52kg
L Eleana Konstantinidou Majority Decision K1 03/24/12 YT Gods of War 1, Athens, Greece L
3:00 R3 / 3x3 Semi-Pro 52kg
W Aggeliki Kokalitsa Unanimous Decision K1 12/10/11 YT No Mercy 4, Athens, Greece W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Semi-Pro 53kg
L Gabriella Rutigliano Unanimous Decision K1 11/05/11 YT Cesena, Italy L
2:00 R4 / 4x2 ………………… A-Class • 50kg
W Ozge Son Unanimous Decision K1 05/14/11 YT Istanbul, Turkey W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Pro 51kg
L Silvia La Notte Unanimous Decision Kickboxing 07/10/10 YT Otranto, Italy L
2:00 R4 / 4x2 Pro Low Kick • 51kg
L Silvia La Notte ………………………………… Savate 03/28/08 Lugano, Switzerland L
..... ..... Pro ……………………………………………………………………………………..

Emy tells Awakening, “I started kickboxing at the age of 18 and I instantly fell in love with it from day one. I remember on the first day, when i returned home i stood opposite a mirror and started doing jabs and hooks. Since then, it has become my passion, my love…and it is because of this love that Inever give up despite some unfortunate injuries which led to long pauses from action. When I fight, I feel there is nothing I enjoy doing more than fighting. “

Emy Kougioumtzoglou’s Bio

Emy Kougioumtzoglou is a female fighter from Thessaloniki, Greece.

She began her fighting journey with Master John Kakarakis. She feels her greatest opportunities have been given to her by Maestro Giorgio Castoldi and Thunder Gym, Milano. Emy now trains under Master Nasos Argiropoulos, who she greatly admires.

Personal Life

Emy works as a media planner in the media agency Mindshare. Her job is demanding, and she finds herself running straight to the gym after her work day is finished.


K1 Titles

2014 - WAKO Pro Elite K1 8-Women Tournament | 52kg (Semi-Finalist)
2012 - Urban Fighter National Pro K1 Champion | 52kg

Boxing Titles

2012 - Greek Amateur Boxing Championships (2nd Place)
2011 - Greek Amateur Boxing Championships (2nd Place)
2010 - International Amateur Boxing Tournament | October, Cyprus  Gold
2010 - Greek Amateur Boxing Championships (2nd Place)

Team Details

Name Role
Thunder Gym, Milano, Italy Gym / Affiliations
Maestro Giorgio Castoldi Gym / Affiliations
NAS Sports Camp Gym / Affiliations
Master Nasos Argiropoulos (K1 and Muay thai) Trainer / Instructor / Coach
George Bougioukos (Strength and Conditioning) Trainer / Instructor / Coach
- Management


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Facebook: Emy Kougioumtzoglou Personal Page


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