Awakening Muay Thai World Champions

Status: The Awakening Muay Thai World Champion series is something that we are aiming to get recognized over time as a politics free recognition of the best fighters in the world. We had attempted to arrange the 57kg belt which Lucy Payne currently holds to be defended against Tiffany Van Soest on their 26th July 2013 fight in Las Vegas. Unfortunately the promotion that put this amazing fight on did not recognize Awakening and its free belt. We of course don’t hold it against them as we are respectfully new on the scene. Due to this unforeseen set back we will be retiring our 1st Edition Awakening World Title series on March 23rd 2014. We will then be concentrating on producing and organising our 2nd Edition World Title series under a new system.



Awakening Champion -57kg Lucy Payne

Lucy Payne / Lucy won the very first Awakening World Title at -57kg against Tanya Merrett on March 23rd 2013. She is actually a very fitting champion as we felt she was being avoided, camps had publicly said that she was too tall to pitch their fighters against.  In our eyes a true champion does not choose opponents, they simply fight the best regardless.  Tanya Merrett stepped up and challenged her, with that attitude Tanya has a bright future.


Awakening Champion -54kg Amber Kichen

Amber Kitchen / Amber is actually the very first ever Awakening World Champion, as she fought for her belt earlier on the same evening as the Payne vs. Merrett title fight! She lives and breathes Muay Thai, having started training when she was only 3 years old. Her fight record going into battle for this world title was an undefeated 14-0-1! Amber’s title opportunity is a good illustration as to what the Awakening belts represents, with respect to not standing for avoidances or shady politics in the sport. In her previous fight against a very tough opponent, there had been a controversial decision. The majority of people considered Amber the winner, yet one of the judges miss-scored the fight due to his obscured view, which the judge later admitted had been a mistake. It’s a shame but these things happen – judges are human and it can’t have been pleasant for either of the young fighters. The decision was later over-turned to a Draw but the issue itself is the disappointing fact that a rematch was not rescheduled due to bad blood between the camps. Awakening felt that Amber was owed the opportunity to prove herself worthy of a shot, and she delivered, winning the first Awakening Junior Elitist World Title by unanimous decision at the age of 14!


There are currently no former champions.

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