Awakening World Titles

At this time we are only working towards Titles in Muay Thai. In the future we aim to award in other disciplines.

STATUS: On March 23rd 2014, Lucy Payne defended her Awakening World Title against Victoria Lomax. After the fight this 1st Edition Awakening Belt was officially retired. The production and organisation of the 2nd Edition Awakening Belt series has begun.

Brief Description
The Awakening World Title series will be dedicated to awarding the world’s best female Muay Thai fighters. We strive to show recognition to female fighters free from politics. It is crucial for us to illustrate that like every other aspect of Awakening, the most important thing to us is supporting the female fighter. Essentially this means that making money is secondary and the promotion of the female fight scene is first and foremost. We believe this stance allows us to be free from inter-organisational politics and able to put on great fights. No avoidances, no rule changes, no politics.

Fighters careers are often held back due to such politics, and we want to help them pursue their dream without having to argue and shout. We believe this approach will be healthy for the sport of Muay Thai.

Detailed Description
The Awakening World Title belt is a ranked belt to be held only by those who are the world’s best. There are no arguments, only discussion based on evidence – so if you regard your fighter worthy then they will be heard and not ignored or swept under the political rug.

We will not tolerate fighters obviously avoiding an upcoming fighter and/or choosing catch weights to gain advantage to their game.

  • Awakening World Titles must be contested under full Muay Thai rules with or without elbow pads.
  • If an Awakening title holder fights a bout at any other weight than the belt category they hold then the Awakening belt will not be defended.
  • If an Awakening title holder repeatedly chooses catch weight fights to avoid defences then they can be stripped of the status
  • In the instance of a promoter not allowing the FREE Awakening belt to accompany/co-sanction their existing bout, then the fighter will have to hand the belt over in the car park in necessary.
  • If an Awakening title holder loses a title/belt, the fighter will no longer hold the title. We will replace the belt with a copy so you will remain as a former champion.
  • If a fighter retires, falls pregnant or moves weight class then they will unfortunately become a former champion.
  • If a fighter refuses to defend their title they will be stripped of the status.
  • Awakening Titles will be contested at the weight of the title, and not at catchweights

Junior Elitists

  • The fighters must have established a full commitment to the circuit/sport of Muay Thai to be considered for a title bout.
  • Junior World Titles are fought over 5 x 1.5 minute rounds, with or without head contact (no elbows or knees to the head)

The Awakening World Title series is inspired by the career of Julie Kitchen.  Having worked closely with her in the run up to her retirement, we were privy to the inner workings of a respected career at it’s height. We soon became aware of some of the destructive politics surrounding parts of the Muay Thai community. As fight fans we were shocked and thought we might be able to create an award/belt that stood for honesty and truth so world class fighters could be rewarded with something free from such politics.

1st Edition Awakening Belt Series
This belt edition will be officially retired on March 23rd 2014, and the production and organisation of the 2nd Edition belt series will begin. This is due to the recent improvements and structural changes within the Awakening organisation.


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