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    Rew Mitchell
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    What with our zero knowledge of the beautiful Thai language, and very rare contact we have with Thai fighters – a lot of Thai ladies aren’t getting the Awakening Profile’s they deserve.  We need your help!   As you may know, when someone submits a fight, or we become aware of a fight – that fight gets added to both fighters.  This has allowed us to start building up fairly decent profiles for these silent warriors. There are however quite a few profiles for Thai’s that we’re sure REALLY don’t do justice to them.

    See Nongya Looktamsur as an example.  Poor lady!

    You can help by reporting on fights where Thai’s are victorious. If you can help, then please do. Let’s get these ladies respectful profiles 🙂  When reporting on fights, try and give as much detail as you can: Location, date, fighters names (don’t worry too much about spelling, we can work that out), how the fight was won etc.  Thanks!!!! 😀

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    Claire Baxter
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    Mongkornkao, (THA) fights at 66 plus kilograms. Was one of the first women to ever fight in Thai Fight (April or May 2017?) where she defeated a 65kg fighter from Poland. (Juliana Rosa also fought on the same show; 4 women made history on this day as the first ever female fighters on Thai fight.) Mongkornkao then went on to defeat two more Westerners (65kg plus) on two more Thai fight promotions, the last fight being in Chiangmai in December 2017.

    Maysar Tachasuep (THA) 60-65kg, based in Lampang, North of Thailand. Regularly fights in Chiangmai. I’ve never seen her lose! (She beat me four times).  She fought Fahsithong (THA) for the interim  66kg WPMF World Title in Bangkok for the Queen’s birthday fights in August 2017.

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    Evelyn Iuhasz
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    This is perfect! Thanks Claire, we’ll get this info added as soon as we can. Very helpful! Thanks! 🙂

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