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Upcoming Strawweight Bout: Karla Benitez vs. Stephanie Ielo Page at Hexagone MMA 8

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On June 3, the Béziers Arena in France will host the HEXAGONE MMA 8 event, which will feature an exciting women's strawweight matchup: Karla Benitez vs. Stephanie Ielo Page on the main card. Details about the international broadcast of the event have yet to be announced.

Karla Benitez Vs. Ielo Page At Hexagone Mma 8

Karla Benitez from Venezuela holds an MMA record of 20-16-1-1 (Muay Thai record of 34-4-0) and will face off against French fighter Stephanie Ielo Page, with an MMA record of 7-5-0 (Muay Thai 25-11-0) in their second appearance in the HEXAGONE MMA cage. Both fighters are looking to bounce back from recent losses with the promotion.

Karla Benitez previously suffered a loss to former champion Laetitia Blot at HEXAGONE MMA 6, following a win against Lucie Bertaud at HEXAGONE MMA 3. With extensive experience in international shows such as Hombres de Honour, Bellator, and Super Fight League, Benitez has recorded finishes in 63% of her fights with strikes.

Stephanie Ielo Page, a 34-year-old Bellator veteran, lost to Eva Dourthe of France by Unanimous Decision at HEXAGONE MMA 6. She hails from Brest, France, where she trains at the Boxing Lab and takes pride in her New Caledonian heritage. Before transitioning to MMA, Page achieved great success as a striker, winning five world championships in Thai boxing and four in K1.

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Hexagone MMA 8 Fight Card

World Featherweight CHAMPIONSHIP - Men’s 65.8kg / 145 lbs:
Dean Garnett (UK, 10-2-1, sur 2 W) vs. Lucas Corbage (11-1, Argentine)

Lightweight Bout – Men’s 70.3kg / 155lbs:
Ben Lakhdhar (6-0-1, France) vs. Wanderson Barcelos (6-1, Brésil)

Middleweight Bout – Men’s 83.9kg / 185 lbs:
Antony Réa (38-15, France) vs. Mohamed El Dwansy (12-10, Egypte)

Strawweight Bout – Women’s 52.2kg / 115lbs:
-52kg F Karla Benitez (19-16-1, Venezuela) vs. Stephanie Ielo Page (7-5, Nouvelle-Calédonie)

Middleweight Bout - Men's 83.9 kg / 185lbs:
Laïd Zerhouni (10-8, France) VS Michal Dobias (11-11, Slovakia)

Featherweight Bout - Men's 65.8kg / 145 lbs:
Jack Claffey (0-1, England) VS Yassin Chtatou (1-2-1, France)

Featherweight Bout - Men's 65.8kg / 145 lbs:
Quentin Arola (3-5, France) VS Parwaiz Arabzai (4-3, France via Afghanistan)

Catchweight Bout - Men's 80kg:
Frankie Rollandt (4-6, Carcassonne, France) VS Allan Taibi (2-5, Narbonne, France)

Welterweight Bout - Men's -77.1 kg/ 170 lbs :
Mathieu Rakotondrazanany (2-3, Narbonne, France) VS Fernando Calvo (5-3, Spain)

Upcoming Hexagone MMA Dates:

June 3, 2023: HEXAGONE MMA 8 at the Arena of Béziers
June 17, 2023: HEXAGONE MMA 9 at the Reims Arena
July 28, 2023: HEXAGONE MMA 10 at the ancient theater of Orange

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