Beginners Guide to Getting Fit

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Running is one of those things that seems both extremely simple yet unfathomably difficult at the same time- especially when you’re not in shape. On the one hand, the movement is intuitive. We all move our legs all the time. Running is just that, but more so. It’s a skill that evolved in us before we were human, shared with a plethora of the animal kingdom.

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Fight Supplies, an ethical company that you should consider

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Table of Contents Introduction Support the brands that support the female fight industry How did Fight Supplies get on my radar? Why you should consider Fight Supplies A glance at their three biggest sellers Introduction One morning whilst going through my inbox, I discovered an email waiting for me with the unassuming subject line “Enquiry”. …

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Tila Dawn vs. Sarlikar | Samui International Muay Thai Stadium

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In this third fight night I have filmed at the Samui International Muay Thai Stadium. It was a great night of fights. Two bloody fights and three KO’s! The one female fight on the card, Tila Dawn vs. Sarlikar was the reason for me being there. I have been shooting footage for a documentary on …

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