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Global Female Martial Artists Register
It’s important that we show the world how many of you female martial artists there are: amateur, semi-professional and professional. Whether you are competing or not, active or retired and what ever disciplines you train in. Become a part of inspiring females across the globe, add yourself to the register!

Before you begin, please do a search in the register to make sure we don’t already have you listed. If you are listed, then get in touch with us and we’ll work with you in inputting your data.

All you have to do is email us at and request a questionnaire.

You will then be sent a response with a questionnaire to fill out and send back to us at your leisure.

Why are these profiles important?
The internet is the most powerful tool in today’s world. By creating a profile on the Awakening website you will be doing two important things: 1, increasing your own web presence; and 2, increasing the power and momentum of the Awakening message. Effectively you are becoming part of a movement to inspire the world.

Please note:
We do not use an automated process, each email is dealt with personally. We aim to respond as soon as possible, time zone differences may cause some people to wait longer than others. We have been getting reports from some people that our emails have been appearing in peoples Junk Mail folders, be sure to check in there.


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