We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have about Awakening Fighters and the Awakening Fighters Website. Our website has been up a few years now, so we have collated some of the questions that we get asked frequently. If you still have any unanswered questions then be sure to let us know.

Awakening Fighters questions

Are you an MMA website?
No we’re not. We list MMA fighters, of course we do. The idea behind the Awakening website and database is for us to list and discuss all martial arts equally. However, due to our limited resources we have found ourselves only able to effectively focus on MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing. Our goal is to be able to work towards a day when we can have a dedicated member of staff for each discipline. That day is a long way off, but we are doing everything we can to get there! Martial artists from ALL disciplines are welcomed equally. So regardless of your style, if you want an Awakening profile please request a profile questionnaire at profiles@awakeningfighters.com

Do you sponsor athletes?
When we first started out we did sponsor some athletes and this helped us become recognized as a serious company. The athletes we sponsored were: Julie Kitchen, Tecia Torres, Bec Rawlings, Kate Jackson and Lauren Huxley to name a few. We are currently no longer are in a financial position where we can sponsor anyone. We hope to be able to work to a future where we can again sponsor athletes. We know from receiving several messages however that athletes have successfully used their Awakening Female Fighter profiles to help get them new sponsorship deals – this is such great news!

Where are you based?
The Awakening Fighters company itself is based in the UK, however our team members all work remotely from the UK, Canada, Ireland, Romania and India.

Database questions

How do I get my own Awakening profile?
Simple! Just send us an email at profiles@awakeningfighters.com requesting a profile questionnaire. Fill it out and send it back, and we’ll build your profile. Minors should get their parents to contact us on their behalf.

How do I claim my Awakening profile?
“Claiming” does not work in the same way to other websites. All information is entered solely by Awakening staff. However, you are encouraged to get in contact with us to supply us with regular updates and any information we are missing. You can contact us at profiles@awakeningfighters.com

How do I get my Awakening profile removed?
Simply contact us on the email address listed above. However, before you get us to remove your profile, please let us know what the issue is so we can see if there is another solution. Removing profiles makes us sad. It may be that your profile is incomplete so you want it taken down. A better solution would be to help us with information to make it a complete and awesome looking profile. The more athletes in the database, the stronger the message of female empowerment.

What is the athlete rating for?
The rating serves two important purposes. First of all it allows us to show appreciation to female martial artists based on their overall accomplishments. Almost every other website focuses on one discipline. There are many athletes that are listed on websites as an unknown person with no wins, and one loss. These same websites fail to mention that the person is perhaps a multiple world champion in another discipline. We’re not knocking these websites because they are specializing in one thing and excelling at it. We just collate as much information on a person’s entire martial arts history as possible as a way to highlight their total skill set.

Secondly, and equally as important, a young athlete will find it easier to find high achieving athletes and hopefully find inspiration from them about what is possible to achieve.

How do you work out the rating?
Each profile is calculated manually based on a structure of point scoring. We have devised a fair system with many factors that allows for all the different martial arts and their nuances. For a more detailed description about the rating system please read this dedicated post. The rating system is reviewed and evolves over time to consider new and more complicated factors. We only rate athletes that we have enough information about.

What is the AOCA?
The AOCA, or Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award is exactly that. It’s our way of showing some love and appreciation for someone who is exceptional. In most cases where the AOCA has been given, the athlete in question has made an incredible overall contribution to the female martial arts scene.

There are thousands of female martial artists, so it’s impossible for everyone to know them all. The AOCA gives an at a glance feature to the database. This allows these incredible athletes to be remembered and appreciated by anyone who believes in the female martial arts movement. By their very nature, martial artists are humble and don’t like to shout about their accomplishments, that is where we come in…. because we DO like shouting about their achievements.

Why does my favorite athlete not have the AOCA?
In many cases there are extremely high achieving martial artists that do in fact warrant an AOCA, however we feel that they are too young or that other athletes are higher on the list to receive it. As with any type of outstanding achievement award in any industry, they are usually given later in a career. In very rare cases the AOCA will be given early in a career. In general, an athlete needs to have done something influential, in regards to raising social awareness and inspiring others. You are encouraged to sign up to the forum and discuss potential candidates in our forum.

What does “Practitioner” mean?
We use this term when we are aware that an athlete practices a discipline but we have no further information as to the belt or rank. The term “Practitioner” carries the same amount of points as a “White Belt”. We feel this is the fairest way to score until we receive exact information. We also may use this term if we are currently unsure if a competing athlete is Amateur or Professional.

I can’t find the athlete I’m looking for?
Well that’s no good is it! There are several reasons why you might not find the athlete you are looking for and we take this seriously because we want the database to work. Below is a list of reasons why you might not be able to find your athlete, they are listed in order of probability:

1. The athlete hasn’t been added.
The Awakening female martial artist database is an insanely ambitious project, and will not only never be complete but will remain an ongoing process. At the time of writing we have just hit the 10,000th profile and we are working from an offline database of over 26,000 athletes. It is highly likely that the athlete you are looking for is amongst those yet to add. Due to the sheer number of female martial artists that are out there, it’s also likely that we are not aware of the athlete you are seeking. If you are an athlete and want an Awakening profile then please request a profile questionnaire at profiles@awakeningfighters.com

2. Incorrect spelling.
It is fairly likely that either the database has the incorrect spelling, or you do. Try and take into account that the database lists athletes from across the planet, and many countries have different ways of writing the same name. Where possible, we try to use the spelling used by the athletes home country. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you see an error at profiles@awakeningfighters.com

3. Marriage
Several times a year we have to update the names on profiles when athletes get married. The search function should still pick up who you mean if you type in their previous name, however occasionally a name might fall through the cracks.

4. The athlete has opted out.
In very rare cases, the athlete you are looking for has opted out of having an Awakening profile and has asked for it to be removed. This is very rare, only six cases to date.

Do losses on a fight record gain any points?
Yes they do. If an athlete has entered a fight, then that should be rewarded regardless of the outcome. Of course, a win will gain more points.

Why is my martial art not listed in the dropdown menu?
This will either be because we have accidentally overlooked it, or because it falls under an umbrella term. For instance, there are numerous styles of Karate or Kung Fu, and these are a good example of “umbrella terms”. We would love to list every style on earth, but we feel it would make the database less effective. Some disciplines have multiple spellings which makes a database very awkward, so using umbrella terms is a must. If specified, we are absolutely able to list the exact martial art style on the profile itself. For search results however, it has to be listed under the umbrella term.

If your discipline does not fall under a main umbrella term, then let us know and we will add it to the list.

Why do you list amateurs?
Why wouldn’t we? They deserve to be listed and we also feel it serves two functions. It shows the world how many of you there are, which in turn will lead to more respect and acknowledgment of female martial artists. Secondly, it gets everyone involved in the cause and breeds inspiration, which is a very powerful force in raising public consciousness.


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