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Awakening is closing.

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Dear Awakening Fighters supporters and visitors, it is with great sadness that we are closing the company. It was a hard decision to make, as you can imagine it has been my life or seven and a half years.  I have spent almost $30,000 on the project in this time and Andy has spent approx. $14,000 and in total we have received approximately $600 in revenue.  We have fought all along the way to keep it going but feel now is the time to step down. I want to start a family and can’t do so like this.

We have tried many things: subscriptions, sponsorship, investors, advertising, kickstarter. Despite my passion, all have failed to produce anything. It’s likely a combination of my inexperience in business and people with money not really interested in supporting this project to better the female fight industry. I tried, very hard.

It would be fitting for us to celebrate two of our proudest achievements in this closing letter.

  • Awakening was the first website to list multiple disciplines, giving athletes’ skills and fight histories the recognition they deserved. For five years we continued being the only website to do so. Two years ago, we saw another profile website begin listing a couple of disciplines. To our knowledge there are two of the other profile websites listing a few different disciplines today. This is progress!
  • Awakening created opportunities for many female fighters whereby we played a key role in getting them noticed by fight organizations, and in some cases signed – from small town events right up to the big promotions including; Invicta, Lion Fight, Bellator and the UFC. We gathered information directly from athletes themselves and collated other info from what was available online. We feel this made many of our profiles the most comprehensive in the industry. In addition, we occasionally did photoshoots and promo videos. For eight athletes in different countries, this effort achieved world title and title shots.

It has literally been blood, sweat and tears for seven years and for the most part has been a fun journey. We feel that we have helped the female fight industry a little as was part of our goal. I want to give a special thanks to Evelyn, without her Awakening would have closed three or four years ago. Who knows, in the future we may re-immerge with a different strategy. For now, we are hanging up our gloves.

Finally, for some unknown reason Youtube has banned the Awakening Fighters account on their platform. They have not provided any reason and I can do little about it. All my work gone, all our little revenue confiscated. A kind of nail in the coffin.

I want to thank those eight people that became members and patrons for a while. It gave us additional hope for a year, I am sorry we were unable to deliver. I also want to thank the many thousands of people that sent us emails with praise and lovely comments on our work!

Rew Mitchell

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