Rew Mitchell

President and founder of Awakening. Rew does whatever possible to support female martial artists in gaining recognition. An avid fan of Martial Arts, with a training history that began at an early age in Judo. Practicing this art was fairly short lived and only lasted two years due to family financial difficulties. It wasn't until age fifteen when training restarted with Kickboxing, and shortly after Kung-Fu. Rew finally settled on Wu Shu Kwan (Chinese Boxing), and for a couple of years trained between four and eight hours a day and took part in several displays, but only competed in a couple of exhibition fights. If time ever becomes available again, Rew wants to start training in Muay Thai.

Author articles

Fight the Silver Screen: The Most Prolific Female Martial Artists in Hollywood

Female fighters are great in the cage, ring or on the mat, but sometimes perhaps even greater to be seen on the silver screen – and we’re not talking about actresses who learned a few tricks, used stunt doubles to perform their dance and call it a fight. We’re talking about actual martial artists turned actresses who have transposed their true skill into their roles. One of the most recent examples of a female fighter taking her talent to the silver screen is Ronda Rousey, fighting her way into The Expendables 3 and going to the worst places to drive in Furious 7.

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