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Alessia Bertellotti
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Muay Thai Amateur

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Alessia Bertellotti personal details

First Name Alessia
Last Name Bertellotti
Birth Name Alessia Bertellotti
Age 28 
Date of Birth February 25, 1996
Born Pietrasanta, Italy
Residence Barcelona, Spain
Status Active
Nationality Italian
Weight class Bantamweight
Weight range 112 - 122lbs / 51 - 55kg
Preferred 119lbs / 54kg
Height 5ft 6.5in / 168.5cm
Reach -

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Alessia Bertellotti martial arts details

Muay Thai Amateur
Kickboxing K1 Amateur

Alessia Bertellotti fight history

W Asunción de Lacruz Split Decision Muay Thai 02/04/23 Inside Muay Thai, Zaragoza, Spain W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur -53kg
W Ainara Andonegui Unanimous Decision Muay Thai 11/26/22 Nak8Muay Muaythai Series, El Vendrell, Tarragona, Spain W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur -55kg
L Naiara Garceran Ramos Points K1 11/12/22 Amateur European Open OMKE, Talavera de la Reina, Madrid, Spain L
2:00 R2 / 2x2 Amateur -52kg
D Yanira Unanimous Decision Muay Thai 05/29/22 Muay Thai Legends, Canet de Mar, Spain D
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur 54kg
W Ainara Andonegui Unanimous Decision Muay Thai 02/10/22 MTR Road to MTGP, Barcelona, Spain W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur -55kg
W Lucrezia Folliero TKO (Retirement) Muay Thai 12/18/21 Mallorca, Spain W
..... R3 / 3x2 Amateur -55kg
W Paula Tatiely Unanimous Decision Kickboxing 05/29/21 Mix Fight 47, Badalona, Spain W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur -55kg
W Nora Garmendia Unanimous Decision Muay Thai† 04/10/21 YT Champion of Cataluña, Barcelona, Spain W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur Debutant Amateur Muay Thai Champion of Cataluña • -60kg
W Denise Fernandez Unanimous Decision Muay Thai 09/05/20 Barcelona, Spain W
2:00 R3 / 3x2 Amateur -58kg

Alessia tells Awakening, “During my life I tried many sports, from swimming to tennis, through figure skating. However, I had never practiced any other martial art before Muay Thai.

I started training Muay Thai in 2019, aged 23, when I moved to Barcelona. I joined DKSR gym just because I was interested in finding out what Muay Thai was really about but with no intention to fight. However, after less than a year training, my trainer asked me to fight and I decided to try. After winning my first amateur fight almost two years ago, I’m now looking forward to my professional debut.”

Alessia Bertellotti’s Bio

Alessia Bertellotti is a female kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter from Pietrasanta, Italy. She now lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Personal Life

Alessia works as a research associate at a consulting firm.

With Muay Thai, she not only found her passion but also her partner, after training as a couple.


Muay Thai Titles

2021 - Debutant Amateur Muay Thai Champion of Cataluña | -60kg

Team Details

Name Role
DKSR Gym Gym / Affiliation
Luis Jaime Muay Thai Coach
Carlos Lamela K-1 & Strength & Conditioning Coach
----- Management


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