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Megumi Fujii
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Megumi Fujii personal details

First Name Megumi
Last Name Fujii
Birth Name 恵 藤井, Fujii Megumi
Age -
Date of Birth April 26, 1974
Born Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Status Retired
Nationality Japanese
Weight class Strawweight
Weight range 106.1 - 120lbs / 48 - 54kg
Preferred 110lbs / 50kg
Height 5ft 3in / 160cm
Reach 61in

Megumi Fujii martial arts details

MMA Professional
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
Sambo 1st Razryad International Master
National Champion
Judo Black Belt
Catch Wrestling Practitioner
Boxing Practitioner

Megumi Fujii fight history

Jessica Aguilar Technical Decision R2 5:00 MMA Pro   10/05/13 – Vale Tudo Japan – VTJ 3rd
Mei Yamaguchi Unanimous Decision R2 5:00 MMA Pro 12/24/12 – Vale Tudo Japan – VTJ 1st, Tokyo, Japan
Jessica Aguilar Unanimous Decision R3 5:00 MMA Pro 05/18/12 – Bellator 69
Karla Benitez Armbar R1 1:15 MMA Pro 12/31/11 – Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka! New Year 2011
Mika Nagano Unanimous Decision R2 5:00 MMA Pro 07/09/11 – Jewels 15th Ring
Emi Fujino Unanimous Decision R3 5:00 MMA Pro   12/30/10 – World Victory Rd Pres: Soul of Fight
Zoila Frausto Gurgel Split Decision R5 5:00 MMA† Pro   10/28/10 – Bellator 34, Tournament Finals
Lisa Ellis Armbar R1 1:39 MMA Pro   09/30/10 – Bellator 31, Tournament Semi-Finals
Carla Esparza Armbar R2 0:57 MMA Pro 08/12/10 – Bellator 24, Tournament Quarter-Finals
Sarah Schneider TKO (Punches) R3 1:58 MMA Pro   06/10/10 – Bellator 21
Miku Matsumoto Exhibition Match R1 5:00 MMA Exhibition   04/17/10 – DEEP: 47th Impact, Matsumoto’s Retirement Celebration
Tomomi Sunaba Armbar R1 3:24 MMA Pro   11/13/09 – Shooto: Revolutionary Exchanges 3
Hisae Watanabe Exhibition Match R? /2×2 ……. Shootboxing Exhibition 08/23/09 – Girls S-Cup 2009 Tournament
Saori Ishioka Armbar R2 4:17 MMA Pro 07/11/09 – Jewels 4th Ring
Won Bun Chu Keylock R1 0:52 MMA Pro   05/10/09 – Shooto: Tradition Final
Tomoko Morii Armbar R1 1:05 MMA Pro   11/16/08 – Jewels 1st Ring
Seo-Hee Ham Armbar R1 3:39 MMA Pro 04/26/08 – Smackgirl: World ReMix 2008 2nd Round
Cindy Hales Armbar R2 0:27 MMA Pro   02/14/08 – Smackgirl: World ReMix 2008 1st Round
Mika Nagano Triangle Choke R1 1:20 MMA Pro 12/26/07 – Smackgirl: Starting Over
Kyoko Takabayashi Unanimous Decision R2 5:00 MMA Pro   11/08/07 – Shooto: Back To Our Roots 6
Lisa Ellis Armbar R1 4:50 MMA Pro 08/24/07 – BodogFight: Vancouver
Cody Welchlin Armbar R1 2:40 MMA Pro   03/10/07 – NFF: The Breakout
Masako Yoshida Heel Hook R1 0:51 MMA Pro   01/26/07 – Shooto: Battle Mix Tokyo 1
Serin Murray Toe Hold R1 0:20 MMA Pro   11/29/06 – Smackgirl: Legend of Extreme Women
Keiko Tamai Armbar R1 0:53 MMA Pro   06/30/06 – Smackgirl: Top Girl Battle
Misaki Takimoto Armbar R2 4:36 MMA Pro   02/17/06 – Shooto: The Victory of the Truth
Dah Le Chon Rear-Naked Choke R1 0:19 MMA Pro 12/17/05 – G-Shooto 03
Ana Michelle Tavares Unanimous Decision R2 5:00 MMA Pro   03/12/05 – G-Shooto 02
Nadia van der Wel Armbar R1 1:43 MMA Pro   12/14/04 – Shooto: Year End Show 2004
Erica Montoya Unanimous Decision R3 5:00 MMA Pro 11/06/04 – HOOKnSHOOT: Evolution
Yumi Matsumoto Rear-Naked Choke R1 0:04 MMA Pro   08/05/04 – Smackgirl: Holy Land Triumphal Return
Satoko Shinashi Exhibition Match ……….. ……. Sambo Exhibition   10/31/01 – ……………………………………………………………………….

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Megumi Fujii Awakening Profile

Megumi Fujii, born April 26, 1974, is a retired MMA Professional from Okayama Prefecture, Japan and residing in Tokyo. She is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Champion, Sambo 1st Razryad International Master and National Champion, Boxing practitioner, Kickboxing practitioner and Judo Black Belt.

Megumi began martial arts as a child with Judo, taught by her father. She continued it through college, at which point she took up Russian Sambo. Megumi continued on with Catch Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling, in addition to a Shoot Boxing fight. She did not begin her MMA career until she was 30 years old. In MMA, Megumi amassed an unprecedented 22-fight win streak, (still a women's record) and has been regarded as the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. Megumi retired in October of 2013, but continues to be a full-time coach and instructor.

A popular move of Megumi's, officially called the Imazuma Toe Hold submission, has been named the Megulock or the MeguAnkle-Lock by her coach Josh Barnett. She was awarded her Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Yuki Nakai in 2006 following her victory at the Pan Ams.


BJJ & Sambo Titles

2007 - ADCC World Championships | U-67kg (3rd place)
2006 - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan-Am Champion
2005 - ADCC World Championships | U-67kg (3rd place)
2004 - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan-am Champion
Ground Impact Professional BJJ Tournament Champion
5x 2nd place finishes in World Sambo Championships
Japanese National Sambo Champion


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