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Muay Thai & K1 (Amateur) 4 (T)KOs

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Muay Thai & K1 (Amateur)

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Shelby Marchand personal details

First Name Shelby
Last Name Marchand
Nickname/s The Quiet Killer
Birth Name Shelby Snelgrove
Age 27 
Date of Birth April 16, 1992
Born Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
Residence Straford, Ontario, Canada
Status Active
Nationality Canadian
Weight class Bantamweight
Weight range 117 - 125lbs / 53 - 57kg
Preferred 120lbs / 54kg
Height 5ft 5in / 165cm
Reach -

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Shelby Marchand martial arts details

Muay Thai Amateur / Instructor
World Champion
Kickboxing K1 Amateur

Shelby Marchand fight history

LCandice MitchellTKOMuay Thai03/12/16Redemption Muay Thai, Woodbine Racetracks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
………R3 / 3×3AmateurMTO Ontario title • 125 lbs • A-Class
WStephanie QuiggUnanimous DecisionMuay Thai06/27/15TBA-SA Championships, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
2:00R3 / 3×2AmateurA-Class TBA-SA North American Championship
LJanice LynSplit DecisionMuay Thai06/06/15WKF King of the Ring, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
2:00R3 / 3×2AmateurA-Class
WAna Georgina Mendoza
TKO (Corner Stoppage)Muay Thai05/24/15LBTTM, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
2:00R2AmateurA-Class LBTTM Continental title
W…………..……………….. (Italy)Unanimous DecisionMuay Thai03/22/15 WMO, Bangkok, Thailand
2:00R3 / 3×2Pro-AmWMO Pro-Am Championship Final
W…………..……………….. (Thai)KO (Knee)Muay Thai03/21/15WMO, Bangkok, Thailand
0:35R1Pro-AmWMO Pro-Am Championship Semi-Final
L…………..……………….. (Thai)Split DecisionMuay Thai03/18/15WMO, Bangkok, Thailand
2:00R3 / 3×2AmateurA-Class WMO Amateur World Championships Final
WNora SchullUnanimous DecisionMuay Thai06/28/14TBA-SA Championships, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
2:00R3 / 3×2AmateurC-Class TBA-SA North American Championship Final
WKelly BruceTKO (Referee Stoppage)Muay Thai06/27/14TBA-SA Championships, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
1:33R2 / 3×2AmateurC-Class TBA-SA North American Championship Semi-Final
WTahmineh KhanianUnanimous DecisionMuay Thai06/26/14TBA-SA Championships, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
2:00R3 / 3×2AmateurC-Class TBA-SA North American Championship Quarter-Final
WTalia IrisDecisionK104/05/14 BDA, Fight Night 16, Hamilton, Bermuda
2:00R3 / 3×2AmateurC-Class

Shelby tells Awakening, “I started Muay Thai to get into shape, I got asked to fight in Bermuda in 2014 with an all expense paid trip to the island. I fought and won and have been competing ever since.”

Shelby Marchand’s Bio

Shelby Marchand is a female fighter from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

She began training in Muay Thai in 2005. She is now an assistant instructor (Poo Chai) at her home gym.

She competes as an amateur, but also fights against professionals in Pro-Am competitions and tournaments.


Muay Thai Titles

2015 - TBA-SA North American A-Class Muay Thai Flyweight Champion | 117 lbs
2015 - WKF Queens Cup A-Class Muay Thai (Runner-up)
2015 - LBTMM Continental A-Class Muay Thai Champion | 54kg
2015 - WMO World Pro-Am Muay Thai Champion | 54kg
2015 - WMO World Amateur Muay Thai Championships | 57kg  Silver
2014 - TBA-SA North American C-Class Muay Thai Bantamweight Champion | 122 lbs

Muay Thai Awards

2014 - Fifth Round Muay Thai Gym, Rookie of the Year

Team Details

Fifth Round Muay ThaiGym / Affiliations
Kru Joe Marchand-TippingTrainer / Instructor / Coach
Kru Joe Marchand-TippingManagement


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