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7 MMA Stars Who Were Street Fighters

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Street fighting is frequently glorified in movies and on television, but in reality, it is an extremely foolish and dangerous activity. However, occasionally, the same kind of individual who participates in street fighting finds their way into MMA to demonstrate something to other individuals or even to themselves. These types of people typically endure the humbling martial arts training the MMA fighters have. A street fighter occasionally, though, manages to make it into the main event like these guys, and a few of them even reached the elite level. There are some famous MMA fighters who started their career as street fighters.

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Kimbo Slice

The biggest example of a former street fighter who transitioned to MMA is the late Kimbo Slice. He rose to fame on YouTube as a result of a number of his street fighting videos that went viral. Slice went on to become a YouTube celebrity and a knockout performer known for his combat techniques. A man received $100 to endure a blow to the belly from him for a film. Even if he never achieved a particularly high level of competence, he was still a huge draw, and the idea that he moved from competing in backyard fights to UFC when he did earn a win is still quite incredible.

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Jorge Masvidal

In the past few years, Jorge Masvidal has had a rise in popularity. By all definitions, Jorge Masvidal is a fighter. He has revealed how, even before the Kimbo Slice backyard fights, he engaged in his very first fight at the age of four and continued to spar frequently. The UFC fighter with the quickest knockout victory grew up in Miami and developed a strong fighting habit. Except for a brief stint in high school wrestling, Masvidal's early fighting experience was primarily street-based and lacked the rules and sensibility offered by MMA.

Eddie Alvarez

Alvarez, a standout wrestler in high school, started a professional career as soon as he was able to use mixed martial arts to try and enhance his family's situation. He dominated the North American circuit, winning his first ten fights by spectacular finishes, and went on to establish himself as a competitor in Japan. Before switching to martial arts, Eddie Alvarez claimed to have fought 100 total street fights. When he brutally snatched the lightweight title at UFC from Rafael dos Anjos, Eddie Alvarez became one of those athletes who rose to the top of the food chain in his category.

Dada 5000

Dhafir "Dada 5000" Harris, a pioneer of backyard fighting on the internet, is stoking the flames of bare-knuckle combat. The former street fighter in Miami who now competes in mixed martial arts is heading back to his origins and expanding his audience thanks to Back Yard Brawl Extreme Fighting, a brand-new, authorized promotional firm.

Tank Abbott

Tank Abbott, the MMA fighter, has a history of participating in street fights on the streets before competing in the UFC. Abbott started learning MMA after getting into numerous street fights when he was a young man. At one time, charges against Abbott were brought after a fight at a liquor shop, and he was given a six-month prison term. Owing to his background of street fighting, Abbott tried to overturn the decision but was unsuccessful. Abbott competed in the UFC 18 times in MMA.

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Roger Huerta

Roger Huerta, a 3 times UFC fight of the night champion, has a history of showcasing his fighting skills in public. When he clashed with former American Longhorns linebacker Rashad Bobino in 2010, Huerta garnered media attention. Bobino was observed striking a woman in front of a bar. Huerta protected the women and pushed off the linebacker despite his bulk. Huerta frequently competed in the MMA sport till 2003. One of his greatest professional achievements was defeating Clay Guida by submission in 2007.

Diaz Brothers

The Diaz brothers are regarded as two of the most tenacious fighters to ever enter a cage. The Diaz brothers' fighting technique is the most accurate representation of a street fight in MMA. At an MMA event in 2015, the two brothers engaged Khabib Nurmagomedov and his support staff in combat. Diaz has a 26–9 win-loss record in mixed martial arts and has held the WEC and Strikeforce Welterweight titles in the past.


Let’s hope this list gives you a comprehensive idea about the top MMA stars who rose to their well-deserved fame by starting off as street fighters.

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