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Awakening Website 2.0 is coming!

by Rew MitchellPosted on

We want to apologize for what must appear as an overall lack of activity on our website over the last three months. There is however a very good reason, behind the scenes we are building a highly improved website.

When we initially launched the first website (what we are now lovingly calling Awakening Website 1.0) we took an interest in watching how our supporters used the website. What content was popular, and what content we got feedback on. We spent five months analyzing the data as it unfolded and used it to start discussing how we could make your experience on our website better. We learned from our mistakes from Awakening Website 1.0, put a plan in place and set about rebuilding the website with the community in mind.

The rebuilding process is almost complete, and we aim to relaunch it in August. To wet your appetites, Awakening Website 2.0 has been freshened up and looks better than 1.0, there will be much more information available, a global event calendar, and most importantly community interactivity has been included across the entire website - we want the community to rate and share their thoughts on athletes and posts.

We hope that this news of the coming new website let's us off the hook for appearing to be a little slack on activity lately.

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