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Awesome fitness tips from the top female fighters of this generation

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The female fighting community is stronger than ever right now. Whether it is MMA, boxing or kickboxing, the vibrant nature of the fighting community for women cannot be overstated. But why is this true? While changing attitudes towards women competing in combat sports has helped a lot, much of it also comes down to how awesome watching fights between two top female athletes is. They always contain plenty of high-octane drama to enjoy.

Bouts involving women are also becoming more popular to bet on, as they gain more attention from the media. In addition, many bettors are attracted to women’s combat sports because of the risk-free bets many sportsbooks offer. More information on what is a risk free bet can be found online. All this has brought more people into women’s fighting sports and allowed them to gain a larger audience.

Another reason for the growth of the female fighting community has been the inspirational women who compete in brands such as the UFC. These figures are not only great to watch or bet on but can also be a source of advice on your own fitness. But what do some of the top female fighters of this generation have to say on the subject?

Ronda Rousey – Don’t eat right before bed

Although she might now have moved into the world of pro wrestling with the WWE, Ronda Rousey stands tall as one of the best female MMA fighters of this generation. So, what is a top fitness tip we can take from her?

Although there are a few, the most interesting is perhaps the fact that Rousey is reported to not eat within three hours of bedtime. This is because the food she consumed would not have chance to burn off as she slept and may instead turn into fat. As excess fat is not good for general health, this would not be ideal. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your own health, skip the late-night snacks.

Paige VanZant – Mix up your training routine

Paige VanZant is another top female fighter of this generation and currently competes as not only a pro wrestler in All Elite wrestling but also in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Before this, she was a successful UFC fighter in the Strawweight and Flyweight divisions.

A really good tip any one can take from her is simply mixing up your training sessions and including a variety of techniques in them. When fighting in the UFC, VanZant would include a selection of moves in her regular workout, ranging from push-ups to heavy bag work, shadow boxing and handstand walks. By doing this yourself, you can not only get a total all-body workout but also make your sessions more interesting.

Ritu Phogat – Rest is crucial

Indian MMA fighter Phogat is one of the top female competitors in the ONE Championship. Before signing up with this championship in MMA, she won a gold medal at the 2016 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship.

One of Ritu Phogat's best fitness tips is the importance of rest. In her eyes, the right amount is essential to any fitness routine. Rest is critical because it allows our muscles to recover from previous training sessions and to repair themselves to train again.

When talking about rest in terms of fitness, it is not only taking it easy after a training session. Making sure you get enough sleep is also something Phogat emphasizes, which gives your body a chance to repair itself as you doze off. Getting the right amount of sleep is also key for refreshing you mentally and means you feel full of energy the next day.

Katie Taylor – Be consistent

Fans of boxing will know top Irish pro Katie Taylor. She has risen to the very top of the female boxing world and currently holds the undisputed Lightweight crown. Known for her fast, powerful and aggressive style, she has an upcoming defense of her titles against Karen Carabajal in later October 2022.

A great fitness tip from the Bray Bomber is remembering to be consistent in your training. It really is no good training well for one week and then having three off before getting back to it. To get the full benefits from any kind of fitness routine, you must be consistent and stick to your schedule.

Fitness tips from top female fighters in this generation

Any fight fan will know that the names listed above are some of the top female names this generation contains. If you are interested in keeping fit yourself, the advice they have to offer is valuable. It can help you not only get into better shape but also keep it up over time.

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