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Celebrating 100 articles (Part 1)

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That's right! This is our 101st female fighting article since our relaunch on Christmas Day, just over seven months ago. In the larger scheme of things it's not that much, however it's a milestone we are proud of and wanted to announce. We are always working on ways in which we can bring you more unique content that is interesting, and of course helps the growth of the female combat industry.
There is one main reason why we are unable to currently publish more articles, and that is simply due to the time involved in maintaining the global female fighter database, and the event calendar. It’s fortunate that we have a lot of fun doing it! ...it’s kind of an addiction.
With this milestone being reached we thought we’d do a two part article to share with you a few accomplishments and also perhaps some of our thoughts on the glowing future of Awakening.

Female Fighter Database

Global Female Fighter Database
So let’s start with the female fighter database since this is our proudest achievement and asset to both Awakening and the community. When we relaunched at the end of last year we had around 2700 athletes listed. Since then we have added over 2000 more! The number we input is accelerating each month which is very exciting. Many athletes contact us requesting a profile questionnaire after visiting the Add Yourself page, and we also continue to contact athletes and coaches for additional info. We believe it’s a collective effort, and also very important for female fighters to be applauded for their overall achievements. The database is updated with new information all day, every day, there are no days off here at Awakening …yes, as we said, it’s an addiction! If you are just finding us for the first time, first of all “Hi!”, we want to be clear that our database in fully inclusive of ALL martial arts disciplines, and this is one of the many things that makes it totally unique – especially when you consider the majority of martial artists tend to be involved in more than one discipline during their life/career. We have seen all too often female fighters not get the recognition they deserve, the highest profile example of this is Jorina Baars who is listed on other websites as 1-3-0 in MMA. However, she is 36-0-3 in Muay Thai and that is never mentioned - which until now simply left MMA fans in the dark. We believe in looking at the bigger picture with every athlete!

Female Fights Calendar

Global Event Calendar
This is quite hard for me to summarize (as the writer of this) because it’s done by another department and just seems to magically get done each month! Our policy is to only list events that have female fights on them. So naturally we don’t have as many events listed as some other websites, however our listings are the tastiest and most useful. Each event’s own page has all the information you need to see on an event page, and of course in most cases they will link to the female fighter profiles in the database. Another one of our policies is to only list events that have a poster. There are two reasons for this, and they are: 1) an event really can’t expect promotion without a poster, and 2) the event page we have just looks terrible without a poster! We’re proud that our event pages are fully search engine optimized, which is obviously great for the promotion involved. We find that we get a nice amount of traffic brought in to the event calendar via google searches.

The future of Awakening
Big things! We have quite a few plans for Awakening and how we can grow and help the female fight community grow. We obviously want to play our cards close to our chest for a few reasons but we can guarantee that there is an exciting future ahead. Our first goal over the coming weeks is to secure funding from various sources to cover the server costs of the website. When this happens we will also be upgrading the server to make for a faster browsing experience for everyone. With secured funds will also come an expansion of the currently very small Awakening team. This will allow us to move on to our next three ideas – which we can’t tell you what they are unfortunately. However you should see one materialize this year, followed by the second idea appearing early next year, and the third idea appearing shortly after that! We know that 99.9% of the female fight community will love what we have in store!

How you can help Awakening help you?
Essentially, the more traffic and support we get, the more funding we can secure. This funding will be put towards making Awakening what we have always intended for it – to be a beacon of possibility for female fighters across the globe. We want to open doors for you guys, and we need your support so we can support you! Here are a few things you can do to support us…

1) Share our content over social networks, our articles, our profiles, our pages. Help get us in front of as many eyeballs as possible.
2) “Like” our content. Most of our pages have facebook “Like” buttons on them. Liking a page has a similar effect to sharing them
3) Use the “Star Rating” and “Thumbs Up/Down” features we have on most pages. Using these tells google that the content is interesting/relevant – whether you give a good or bad rating. In regards to our written content, it also shows us if you’re interested in what we’re publishing or not – which helps us improve.
4) Link to our home page on your website. Or perhaps you have an athlete profile in our database, if so why not add a link to that on your facebook about page, or website.
5) Share our Facebook page
…and most importantly
6) continue to enjoy our website, we love having you and getting the feedback!

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