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Cindy Silvestre Muay Thai

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Cindy Silvestre Muay Thai


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Cindy Silvestre Muay Thai

Thanks to Cindy for helping us out with info for the Cindy Silvestre Awakening Profile.

Cindy Silvestre, aka Cyborg, is a 21 year old semi-pro Muay thai and Kickboxing fighter and instructor from Dole, France. She fights out of Ass Tiger Boxing Club under Roblet Denis and has a respectable record of 14-5-0. Back at junior level she had won the Full-Contact National Title an impressive 5 times between 2007 and 2012. In 2013 she became the Amateur National Full-Contact Champion at -56kg, and vice-champion in Muay Thai.  Last year she became the National Muay Thai Champion at -57kg in the semi-pro level!

We asked her about how she got started and what Muay Thai means to her and she replied...

"I started Full-Contact at 10 years and Muay-Thaï at 18 years. I’m Coach in my club between 4 years. The Muay-Thaï is my culture and I hope to reach the higest level."

We wish you the best of luck Cindy!  We are so happy that the database is being used more and more by fighters from all over the world!

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