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Colleen Schneider MMA Fighter

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Colleen Schneider MMA Fighter


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Thanks to Colleen for helping us out with info for the Colleen Schneider Awakening Profile.

The article title of 'Colleen Schneider MMA Fighter' is actually a little bit misleading. Colleen is indeed a professional MMA fighter and World Champion with a record of 6-5-0, and current holder of the SFL Bantamweight title.  However she can be classed a true multi-disciplinarian having trained in Karate, Hapkido, Sanshou and Kickboxing. She holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a discipline in which she was a multi-times national collegiate champion and last year she won Gold at the FILA Submission Grappling World Championships!

We asked her about how she got started in martial arts and she replied...

"I begain training Kenpo Karate at age 9, and continued with traditional martial arts through college, winning 4 Collegiate National Championships with the UC Berkeley Taekwondo team. I also trained in San Shou before transitioning to MMA."

You may also recognize Colleen from The Ultimate Fighter in 2013.

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