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Essential Gear & Equipment To Add To Your Boxing Training Bag

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Having a prepped and packed gym bag ready to go naturally makes it easier to stay on top of your training routine. Essentials like a towel, boxing shorts, STING punching gloves, and handwraps always make the list, but what about the fun stuff? Although protein snacks and a good pair of headphones won’t make you hit harder or faster, they will keep you feeling good and maybe give you something to flex (aside from your gains).

So to keep you training and grinding, here’s the Essential Gear & Equipment To Add To Your Boxing Training Bag:

1. Sports Drinks
2. Types of Hand Wraps
3. New Shoes
4. Boxing Snacks
5. Mouthguard
6. Skipping Rope
7. Headphones or Earbuds

1. Sports Drinks

Maybe you’ve got caffeine in your preworkout, or drink coffee before a sesh, but when you’re working late (on those jabs), an energiser might not be all you need. Keeping a Gaterade rolling around in your bag, or a couple of electrolyte tablets in your coat pocket will give your body the salts it needs to keep working hard and to dodge cramps. By now there has to be hundreds of flavours, and there’s sugar-free, caffeinated, or vitamin-filled variants too. And they also make a good post-workout refreshment.

2. Types of Hand Wraps

Chances are that you’ve got a pair of classic hand wraps, a coloured roll of polyester with a brand tag on the end. They’re classic because they’re solid and versatile, but there’s a lot more on the market than just those rolls. Inner gloves, fast wraps, cotton wraps, Mexican-style wraps, and most pro-boxers will just use athletic tape and gauze. Knowing their special uses, and which you prefer when will do a good job keeping your hands fight-ready. For quicking training sessions, you can quickly slip on some inner gloves, or fast wraps for better support. Classic wraps for long sessions or sparring, and the Mexican style elastic for the maximum, tight-fitting support.

3. Boxing Snacks

If your gym is big enough, it’ll have vending machines, protein bites at the counter, and probably advertising posters on the wall. Protein bars, whey, and protein shakes are all good at just that– providing your muscles protein– but boxing is less focused on bodybuilding than on stamina, which takes energy. Apples, bananas, berries, and other fresh fruit keep your energy up during extended training (that’s why you see tennis players eat bananas between sets). But for a gym bag, chicken or turkey sandwiches, greek yoghourt with granola, or hummus and pita bread all serve well. Your snacks are your choice, but when your stamina begins to run out, having something to eat helps immensely.

4. New Shoes

When you’re hitting the heavy bag, your running shoes (or even barefoot) pivot and dodge just fine, but when you’re working on your footwork, there is the risk of ankle injuries and muscle fatigue. Boxing shoes are foot-fitting high tops that work like handwraps for your feet. They also have minimal tread for high grip, and easy pivoting. If your running shoes don’t provide the necessary support or your feet feel highly fatigued, it's time to tighten the laces on a pair of hightops– and they look pretty slick too.

5. Mouthguard

If you've been sparring without a mouthguard, then you’re truly brave or stupid, but if you’re just beginning boxing, it's a piece of kit to try early. Proper breathing is a key technique in boxing, you’ll gas out and pass out if you don’t practise it. And a mouthguard changes how you do it– especially if you’re still using your mouth to breathe. Beyond that, there’s a psychological effect, the extra protection makes you bolder, stronger, and puts you in the right mindset for serious training.

6. Skipping Rope

You’ve probably seen Rocky or Creed skipping rope to train for their big fight, but if you haven’t seen them in use at the gym, you might be wondering what the point is. Beyond just a good warmup, performing varied rope exercises– crossing your arms, switching tempo– will test your footwork and aid your endurance. When you don’t have a sparring partner, skipping rope can be the best way to test your footwork, and generally work on your coordination, agility, timing, stamina, and cardio– and you can do it anywhere.

7. Headphones or Earbuds

The gym is always playing a hype mix to keep up the energy, but even if you’re loving every song they play, you should consider headphones. A good pair of noise-cancelling headphones aids your focus by drowning out the clinking, groaning and general sounds of training. And if your songs match your exercise’s tempo and mood, it puts you in the zone. Besides that, they’re always a good trick to keep you fighting through a long session– just line up your boxing theme and start hitting.


Not every gym day needs a packed bag, some only need a towel. But keeping disciplined and sticking to your routine is always a tough task with many obstructions and distractions. A well-stocked gym bag is just one way to keep your training enjoyable, or at least healthy– preventing strains, cramps, and versatility. It’s also just a good reminder, and a timesaver as well.

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