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Fighting for gold: female boxers to look out for at the Tokyo Olympics

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Out of all the hotly anticipated events set to take place at this year’s Tokyo Olympics, there are few that generate quite the same buzz as boxing does.

Over the many decades since boxing was officially introduced as an Olympic event, some of the biggest names in Olympic history have been boxers. From Muhammad Ali to Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather, there is no doubt that some of the most famous athletes ever produced got their start in the Olympic boxing ring.

And although it was only introduced into the Olympic games relatively recently – having first debuted in 2012 at the London Games – female boxing looks set to follow the same path as the men’s event.

Of the many legends in the making, perhaps the most famous is Katie Taylor. Since dominating the amateur circuit and racking up a collection of Olympic medals, this Irish phenomenon has gone on to amass a professional record of 17-0. With each of Taylor’s victories being executed with an unmatched level of technical proficiency and skill, many are already calling her the pound-for-pound greatest female athlete of all time. The only serious challenger to this title is the American Claressa Shields, who has similarly earned a reputation for the flawless implementation of her triumphs, although since she is now looking to transition to MMA, her untarnished record might be at risk.

But beyond these two stars, who are the future female combat sport legends in the making?

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Rashida Ellis (America)

With historically one of the strongest boxing lineages of any country, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Team USA looks set to have one of the strongest offerings of female athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. As one of the first six US boxers to qualify for the 2021 games, Rashida Ellis is a lightweight contender who looks set to secure a gold medal.

This 25-year-old from Massachusetts previously secured a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships and is due to make her Olympic debut as a lightweight this summer. With a series of successes at the Pan-American games already behind her, Ellis is looking likely to be in top form coming into the summer games.

Rashida Ellis

Rashida Ellis. Photo Credit:

Virginia Fuchs (America)

Another strong contender on Team USA is Virginia Fuchs, who is currently the No.2 ranked flyweight in the Americas’ rankings and No.16 worldwide.

Although she is now well established in her career, and at age 33 likely to be slightly older than the rest of the competition, Fuchs looks to be on target for a strong performance in the summer games. This Houston native has secured a number of medals at the Pan-American games, the World Championships, the Boxam Tournament and the Strandja Tournament in Bulgaria.

Virginia Fuchs

Virginia Fuchs. Photo Credit: Facebook

Naomi Graham (America)

Rounding off the American prospects is Naomi Graham, a North Carolina resident who is beefing up Team USA’s presence in the heavier weight classes.

Currently ranked No.1 among the Americas’ middleweights and No.8 in the world middleweight rankings, Graham is a seriously fearsome contender. She is also one of Team USA’s best hopes for a boxing medal in Tokyo, having had a very strong year at amateur competitions across the world. Graham also has the unique honor of being the first active member of the military to compete for the USA female boxing team in the Olympics. She is currently serving as a staff sergeant in the Army and already has two Olympic golds to her name.

Naomi Graham

Naomi Graham. Photo Credit: Facebook

Caitlin Parker (Australia)

Although Australia has never secured a medal in the female boxing event, the Dromana native Caitlin Parker is hoping to change this at this year’s Olympic games.

Parker is one of six Australian boxers heading to Tokyo and is eying a gold medal in the middleweight division.

Originally getting her start in boxing at age 11, Parker took to the sport quickly and has since gone on to win a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games. Parker also has the singular distinction of being the only Australian boxer to win a Commonwealth medal at both youth and junior world championship level.

Although the events of the last year have not been particularly conducive to training, her form is nevertheless looking very promising going into the summer games.

Caitlin Parker

Caitlin Parker. Photo Credit: Facebook

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