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First Time in UFC Betting? Here are Some Tips You Should Know

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The UFC has only grown in popularity in the past decade, and with its popularity comes betting opportunities. Of course, all UFC fans have their favorites, and it's only natural for them to have hopes to win. When you're confident that your favorite has a high winning probability, it's only natural that you want to bet on them.

However, if you're new to UFC betting and want to join in the fun in the upcoming UFC event, you're in luck because, in this article, we will be talking about some simple UFC betting tips that you can use if you want to win in UFC betting. Here are some of them.

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Bet the Chalk

It's not the most complicated strategy, but it sure has some results if you try it out, albeit it might not get you anywhere in the long run. Even then, this strategy is one of the most popular strategies because it will yield results no matter what the UFC betting odds. How does this strategy work?

For every lineup that an event has, you should only bet on the favorite on 66% of them. As we all know, betting on the favorite won't get you anywhere, which is why for the remaining 44%, you should bet on the underdogs.

That and betting blindly on the favorites is quite boring. What 66% does tell you is that on a 12-fight UFC matchup, on average, only eight favorites will win, and the four underdogs will come through. This can also help you when you're hesitating a pick because you can refer to your lineup picks and follow the 66-44% when picking in your UFC card.

Go with the Striker

You can use this strategy when you're in doubt about your picks. For example, if you're having trouble choosing which fighter to pick in a matchup, you can distinguish which of the fighters is much better as a striker. This is a good bet since it starts with the feet in a striking battle at the start of every round. But if you're new to UFC and don't know which fighter is a better striker, you can go to websites like to see their stats in striking.

Usually, when clicking on striking stats, you are shown four different categories in striking. These are strikes landed per minute, strikes absorbed per minute, strike defense, and striking accuracy. So, of course, when picking which of the fighters is the best striker, you should compare the two of them using the four categories.

Fade Replacement Fighters

Having a fighter be replaced at the last minute is normal in the UFC. A late-minute replacement can even happen one month before the fight leaving the fighter with only a month at most for training. This is especially true during the pandemic because of all the restrictions and health protocols.

Not to mention that the fighters themselves can catch COVID-19, making them bow out from the fight. When you're presented with this situation, the best move you can make is to fade against the replacement fighter. This is because the replacement fighter usually has little time to study and prepare for his opponent compared to the other fighter who had full time for his training camp.

Go with the Youth

When faced with a matchup with a considerable age gap between the fighters, always go with the youth unless the older fighter is heads and shoulders better than the young fighter. The younger fighter often has a 60% chance of winning against an older fighter, and this number will only get higher the more prominent the age gap is. This is especially true when you know the older fighter's prime has already passed.

Look at the Stats

Numbers, sometimes, lie. The numbers may lead you to the wrong fighter, and it's normal. For example, a fighter may have a 100% takedown defense, but then he hasn't done anything much for the numbers shown in the fight. You need to have the context first before believing in the stat.

With that in mind, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't believe in the stats. You need to look at the official stats from the UFC fighter stats before the fight to gauge which fighter has the most chance to win.

Remember that age, height, and reach, are some of the most critical factors in a fight. More often than not, the one with the most reach has the most significant chance of winning but not all the time. Believing in the stats is essential, but you need to fit them in the fight context first.

Final Words

There is no accurate way of guessing who will come out as the winner, so you need to do your research and learn some tips first, like what we discussed above. With the proper context and luck, you might pick the victor. Also, remember that even though the fighter is the winner on the paper, it's not yet set in stone.

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