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Full Fight: Lucy Payne vs. Victoria Lomax

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Sunday 23rd of March saw Lucy Payne successfully defend her Awakening World Title (57kg) against Victoria Lomax (Spain) at Judgement Day 2. The fight turned out to be an elbowfest, and Lucy proved to be back to her usual form.  Victoria showed real heart throughout the fight. For the record, she was only lady that had stepped forward to challenge Lucy when the call for challenges went out. These girls put on a remarkable headline bout and did the sport of Muay Thai proud.

Lucy Payne Vs.. Victoria Lomax

See below for the full fight video.

After the fights, Vicky Church informed us that she had been a approached by a few people from the crowd who was witnessing Muay Thai for the first time - they had come along to the show based on seeing the poster. After enjoying all of the male fighters, they were surprised to see that the quality of the two female fights had greatly surpassed the fights before.

It's great to hear these stories of fresh female fighting converts!

We can recommend these two girls to any promotion out there, they both showed a high level of professionalism.
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