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Huge website update coming!

by Rew MitchellPosted on

To call this update "huge" is an understatement. You know and I know that the website needs to be brought back up to date, and I am mainly talking about the fighter profiles. I am making a whopping fundamental change for the better, and I know you will love it. This update is being progressed in three main stages. At the end of this progression, fighter profiles will be back up to date, and not only that - maintainable!

My current timeline on having the website back up to date and maintainable is Q3 of 2022. I understand this is quite a long way off, but the work involved is immense and I am doing it by myself. Awakening no longer has a team of four sadly. Below I explain the process that is taking place in a little more detail.

By Q3 of 2022 I am working towards the following:

● All athletes with a fight history will have an up to date profile
● Over 1000 new athletes added
● 10,000+ new fights and info added
● All broken links fixed
● All broken video links fixed
● All profiles will have a new fight history format that is 60% easier and faster for me to update

A few people have mentioned to me they would like to donate, which I really appreciate! I went ahead and created a Ko-fi profile, where you can buy me a coffee if you wish. If this is something for you, click the image below.

Stage One

I am in the process of making large structural edits to over 10,000 fight histories. Due to how the website works, I have to do this offline and you won't see any progress. One of the issues of such a large database is the time involved in keeping each of these fight histories up to date. To help illustrate this, it takes an average of 6 minutes to add just one fight to the database. With over 300 female fights per month, this is a full time job.

A year ago I discovered a way adding fights in approximately 3 minutes! As you can see, this is an eye-watering improvement in time management. This however requires me to make structural changes to ALL 10,000+ fight histories individually. Once it is done, the website will be so much easier to keep up to date! After calculating this would take me about a year, working 50hrs per week.

I am delighted to tell you, that I am now one month away from completing this step. The pandemic gave me the opportunity to get working away quietly behind the scenes.

Stage Two

Once I have the 10,000+ files completed. I will hire a coder to implement the new faster method of adding fights. I really do not see this as being expensive at all.

I will then need to attached the 10,000+ fight histories, individually to each fighter profile. I believe this will take me around four months, again around 50hrs per week. At this stage you will see the new look fight history starting to roll out across the website. These fight histories will still not be up to date, but the new structural system is being implemented.

Stage Three

Finally, I will go through each fighter profile and get their fight records and histories completely up to date. I will be at this stage I will reach out to fighters to send me their updates. This final stage will likely take around six months.

By Q4 of 2022, the Awakening Website will be fully functioning again. Better still, the Awakening project should be much closer to being financially sustainable, and updates will be easy to keep on top of!

I am pumped!!

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