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Invicta FC 3 Review

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History was made on Saturday 6th October 2012 at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS. The first-ever Invicta FC world champion was crowned after a great Atomweight bout between Jessica Penne (California) and Naho Sugiyama (Japan). Penne beat previously undefeated Sugiyama via triangle choke in the second round (2:20). Sugiyama tapped out, and unusually for an MMA fight, the victor did not immediately jump up and run around pumped by victory. Penne remained crouched against the cage with a beaming grin, taking in the enormity of the moment. She made history at what is a very important event in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Why is this event so important? …and why should Kansasians care? The answer is simple: Invicta Fighting Championship is the largest and most credible female fight promotion in the world, the momentum it is gathering after just three events is causing huge ramifications around the globe. Invicta is based in Kansas City, Kansas. People of Kansas should be extremely proud to be at the eye of the storm. Not only does Invicta put on exciting fight cards with the world’s top female mixed martial artists, but it is one of the main driving forces driving towards equality for female fighters. These are exciting times in the industry, each event is bigger and better, and fighters everywhere are clamoring to be seen by Invicta. Invicta FC3 had twenty-eight fighters in total, from the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, and Scotland.

Invicta FC is reminiscent of the early days of the UFC – small (but growing) attendances, exciting fights and an unparalleled enthusiasm from the fight scene to see the rise of a new MMA giant. The UFC has refused to put on female fights due to the belief that there aren’t enough high-level female fighters. This somewhat true, however, Invicta is establishing a legacy and changing that fact. A day may come when the UFC realizes they can’t ignore the growth of female martial arts anymore. When that day comes, they will probably offer to buy Invicta out – I hope, that Invicta refuses and continue to represent these female athletes. There is plenty of room in this world for the UFC and Invicta FC to co-exist.

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