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Julie Kitchen Blooper Reel

by Rew MitchellPosted on

We were going through our archives and rediscovered an amusing clip of The Queen of Muay Thai, Julie Kitchen. We thought you’d like to see it, as this clip proves that this living legend is human after all! To put it into context... it was a video shoot that took place over a series of days back in 2012. We were testing out a new bit of kit worth approx. $9500, and we had asked her to shadow box as close as possible to the lens. We did a couple of test runs and Julie was still punching about 7 inches away, we pushed her and said… “closer, closer, we want you to punch 1 inch away!”. In the final run she did as was asked and WHACK! There was an initial fear that the new equipment had been damaged, but fortunately it’s built like a tank and was fine. On realising the sturdiness of the equipment we made sure Julie’s knuckles were ok, but guess what? Yes, she’s built like a tank too! It’s worth noting that Julie is such a nice person that she was more concerned about the lens than her own hand. We thank her for allowing us to share this with you.

Julie Kitchen Website
Julie Kitchen Facebook Athlete Page

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