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Nicole Van Oosterom vs. Mia Trevorrow, Full Fight and Review

by Rew MitchellPosted on

The weekend just gone I was asked to film the event "The Homecoming" hosted by Plymouth's Hybrid Gym. I'm pleased to say that the event was a corker from start to finish.

I don't want to say too much about this fight because I think you should watch it. In my honest opinion, this fight was the fight of the night. I knew it would be, and I had told a few people before hand... and hey, I was right! What a great showing by both ladies! ..and a huge thanks to Hybrid for putting this fight on.

I was pleased to get to meet Nicole for the first time, I can't link to her profile yet, she is currently filling out the Awakening Profile Questionnaire. I will of course post the link as soon as her profile is completed.

I have seen Mia fight several times now, and she always delivers. She is also one of the amazing Awakening Allies, so thanks again Mia, and another great showing!

I should state here that currently it actually costs me a fair amount of money every time I film an event. If you're feeling flush and appreciate the work I do, you can make a donation or become an "Awakening Ally" at the link below.

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