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Sheree Halliday – Autumn Red

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Back in November, we asked our beloved photographer Kelly Smith if she would go out into the field with Sheree Halliday and shoot some natural, non Muay Thai photographs for us. Kelly took it literally and took Sheree to... wait for it… a field!

We jest of course, although there was a field involved, the bulk of the photos were shot against the beautiful Autumn colours of an English forest - a fitting backdrop for the highly photogenic World Muay Thai Champion Sheree Halliday.

Sheree Halliday - Autumn Red

We want to thank Sheree and Kelly for jumping at this so quickly, and we should also apologize to them for taking us two months to getting them uploaded… sorry ladies. We hope to see more Sheree / Kelly collaborations in the future!

Sheree faces Hatice Ozyurt at Battle Under the Tower on February 22nd in Holland, for what could be an epic World Title fight. We will be catching up with both of them in the run up to the fight.

Photos by Kelly Smith for Awakening

Kelly specializes in people, weddings and quirky family portraits. For those of you that are interested - we can recommend taking a look at the Memory Cake Facebook page… and giving it a "Like" of course!

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