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The Hatchet

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It wouldn't be unusual for you to say you haven't yet heard the name Lauren Huxley. She is a young up and coming Muay Thai fighter from Swansea, Wales. This sixteen year old models herself on the great Julie Kitchen, the Queen of Muay Thai. We had seen her fight a few times before at small shows and had been impressed at her raw talent. For such a young fighter she shows an incredible amount of promise. Having spoken to Lauren she says…

Lauren 'The Hatchet' Huxley

"I still have a long way to go with my training" - these are the kind of words that a truly dedicated champion utters, always trying to improve their game and weaknesses. The reason we want to mention this young lady is because we see something special here. With each fight she tightens her style and eliminates previous mistakes. Her overall progress is currently on a very steep curve. To put it another way, with each fight she seems to be twice the fighter she was in her last.

Before we go any further we want to point out that Lauren is one of the sweetest and softly spoken female fighters we've met, and indeed the entire Huxley family are kind and welcoming. The reason for this statement will become apparent in the next paragraph.

When we first met the Huxleys last year they were going through ideas for a fight name. One that they had been toying with was 'The Welsh Warrior'. We thought this was great however we had heard it in use by a male fighter. We threw a few ideas into the mix and the Huxley family loved and settled on The Hatchet. This was one of our favourites so we were overjoyed to have helped. It is definitely a memorable name which is vital for a fighter in building their fanbase and standing out from the crowd. As a young, sweet girl the name is a stark contrast from her personality - however inside the ring it's as apt as apt can be. 'The Hatchet' is after all a fightname.

We ask you to remember the name Lauren 'The Hatchet' Huxley, for it could be in the future you happen to watch her fight and are able to recall just how she got the name 'The Hatchet'.

We look forward to working with this special and exciting fighter in the future.

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Lauren Huxley Awakening Profile
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