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The Inevitable Addition

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Most of you will know by now that we like to keep you informed as possible with what we're doing at Awakening. Well, we have a milestone-like moment which comes in the form of both good and bad news. The inclusion of ads. That bad news is, the majority of people have a strong dislike of ads and they can make a website look cluttered. The good news is that it's our first step towards growing the brand. We of course need funds to take Awakening to the next level, and when we reach the next level we will have more resources to help provide more exposure, and more opportunities to female fighters around the world.

So let's talk about the bad side to having ads, and what we have done to make them as unobtrusive as possible. For a start, we flat out refuse to ever have pop-up ads, or ads that take over the screen - in our eyes these are very spammy and do more damage than good. We also took the ad placements into consideration when redesigning the site. In other words, the new website was designed so the ads just slot into place without pushing things around, or having awkward gaps appear.

What is the future of our ad strategy? We have begun by using Google Adsense, which we have tweaked so as to try and eliminate irrelevant ads to our audience where possible. To be fair, Google Adsense doesn’t give you that much power over this so from time to time you might see an irrelevant ad. Of course, if you see an ad that you find offensive, please feel free to send us the "url" of the ad and 9/10 we will agree with you and block it as soon as possible.

We have also become an affiliate of the UFC, so you will be seeing their ads around. Over time we hope to be able to just use affiliates and sponsored advertising, this will allow us to remove the ugly Google ads altogether. In turn, eventually we want to just have sponsors - this will return the website to a much cleaner looking place. We will be looking for sponsors in the next few months.

If you have read all this way down, you must have been bored - but thank you for your interest. We hope that you understand our need to think about revenue sources, we are trying to do it as respectfully as possible.

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