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Website 3.1

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Website 3.1

In the recent Riders on the storm article we broke down some of the difficulties we faced over the last three months. Now it's time for us to share some great Awakening news! Yes, its Website 3.1 and this is a serious update!

New Server  •  Fight Records  •  Declutter  •  Event Section

New server
What does this mean to you? In a nutshell, the website should now be 3x faster. Here's how the load time has improved over time:

2012/2013 - Website 1.0 - Athlete profile loading time = 17 seconds
2013/2014 - Website 2.0 - Athlete profile loading time = 9-12 seconds
June 2015 - Website 3.1 - Athlete profile loading time = 2-6 seconds

We were getting a lot of issues with our previous VPS server, bugs, loading times and down time. According to the hosting company it was because our website had become too big, in file size, number of pages and the amount of visitors. They tried to force our hand into upgrading, and at an extortionate cost too.

We did upgrade our server, and we also changed hosting companies and got a greater upgrade for a better price. Our new server is now "dedicated" as opposed to "VPS", and the server spec is also a vast improvement. We're so pleased!

Fight Records
We have redesigned how the fight records display. We believe the new format is better looking, easier to read, and also holds more information. Until now we've had to leave various vital info out of fight records, not anymore! You may not notice the new fight records for a while because it's not as simple as clicking a button - all fight records have to be recreated into the new format. We believe this will take about six months for all fight records to be reformatted. Bear with us, we're on it!

Visit the Zulina Munoz Awakening Profile to see the new fight record layout being implemented.

Event Section
Yes, it's been removed until further notice. Our visitors are interested in our fighter profiles and not the event section. Closing down the event section has meant we can now focus more resources onto the athlete database.

The event section has been removed from the main menu, and the website design has been refreshed on many pages. There are still pages that need to be touched up, but again we're on it and this is something that will continue to evolve over time.

We aim to continue increasing the user experience on the Awakening website. Let's have a toast, raise your smoothies and nutrition shakes…. Here's to website 3.1!

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