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Website Update 2.1.1

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Below is a list of changes, now making the website version 2.1.1  Some of the changes are minor, and some are fairly big… but all, are for the overall betterment of your experience whilst on the website.  Thank you for your continued support!

Website update 2.1.1  March 1st 2014

Fighter Profiles

  • Addition of the ability to include Athlete Photo Galleries based on a Tagging system. Over time you will see photo galleries appearing on some fighter profiles
  • Change default view of the Video/Photos section. This allows this section to show the athletes photo galleries, instead of a blank area if they do not have videos
  • Adjust the position of the "Page Views" statistic to allow for 1k + views
  • Specialised banners will now be added to fighters that we have worked with. Eg Sheree Halliday
  • Fixed Chrome zoom issue on Profile Personal tab
  • Broken Links in fight histories. 317 broken links fixed during February. This leaves 283 broken links left to fix - this is a priority

Event Calendar

  • Added Pay Per View section, in which you can find events to purchase and stream
  • Added time zones to upcoming events page
  • Solve Title Tag issue with ‘Upcoming Events’ and 'Past Events' pages

Home Page

  • Add Facebook Like Button to grey panel above the articles

Athlete Page

  • Added approximately 280 new athletes to the database during February


  • Added "Next / Previous" links to the bottom of individual article pages

Website performance

  • Optimize website and Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Setup ‘Data Highlighting’ and 'Rich Snippets' in Google Webmaster Tools


  • Updated Facebook Like buttons site wide and fixed issue with CSS positioning
  • Added the ability to tag images in the Media Library
  • Tagged all images from Media Library to create new galleries for profiles
  • Google AdSense integration - we hope to do away with this at some stage
  • Integrated Affiliate Programs - we hope to do away with this at some stage
  • Sorted Title Tags site wide for streamlined back-end organisation
  • Fixed Internet Explorer Ad position issue


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