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Website Update 2.3.3

by Rew MitchellPosted on

There have been several minor adjustments and fixes on the website this month, all for the better. You will notice the increase in new profiles, and updates to profiles. This is something we have been focusing more of our resources on. Here is our lists of updates taking us to website update 2.3.3. We have included some update statistics as usual so you can see our progress. Thank you for your continued support!

Website update 2.3.3 Sep 1st 2014

Athlete Database
• 762 new female fighters added, a 286% increase from previous month
• 1064 fighter profiles updated with new information, a 225% increase from previous month
• Removed the upper sidebar ad placement on profiles
• Added a button on profiles linking to Fixtures & Results pages
• Added a button on profiles linking to Athlete Database home page
• Added a button on profiles linking to Add Yourself page

Fixtures and Results
• Added “Previous Month” and “Next Month” links at the top and bottom of listings
• Listings now show the amount of fights listed, and the amount of countries at the top of the schedule

• On interview and spotlight articles, we are now including the athletes nationality flag in the header

Home Page
• Added a button linking to Fixtures & Results pages
• Removed the “Submit Article” function
• Fixed Facebook Feed conflict whereby the feed was not updating correctly

• Fixed an issue with whereby the Facebook sharing function was not using the correct thumbnails
• Added social sharing and follow links to all pages

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