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Website Update 2.3

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Tomorrow we’re delighted to update to website 2.3. Keeping with tradition we want to tell you what we’ve been up to for the overall betterment of your experience while with us. We’ve been working in the background on two major updates which have actually taken the bulk of our time. So there isn’t that much difference to the rest of the site as per our usual monthly updates. However, we are pleased to be launching the first of the two major updates tomorrow (the other major update will be in the near future). Thank you for your continued support!

May also saw us increase our capacity to update more athlete profiles per month. This is due to some of the changes we’ve made in previous website versions.  During May we updated 1072 female fighter profiles, which is a 200% increase on last month!  We also hit the 4000th profile at the start of the month, and in total we’ve added 98 new athletes to the register, which again, is an increase on last month – an 11% improvement!

Here’s what’s included in 2.3:


Website update 2.3  June 1st 2014


  • Designed and built new Awakepedia section for the website. (more detail to follow in tomorrow’s Awakepedia article)


Event Calendar

  • Fixed bug on the global martial arts event calendar where the PPV Event timezones were incorrectly positioned.


  • Evolved the article title header to become easier to read.


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