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Riz Baladi
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Riz Baladi personal details

First Name Rizlane
Last Name Baladi
Nickname/s Riz
Birth Name Rizlane Baladi
Date of Birth March 27, 1991
Born Caen, France
Residence London, United Kingdom | Bangkok, Thailand
Status Active
Nationality French
Weight class Featherweight
Weight range 122 - 133lbs / 55 - 60kg
Preferred 126lbs / 57kg
Height 5ft 4.5in / 163.5cm
Reach -

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Muay Thai Professional

Riz Baladi fight history

W Hongfah Kor. Chareonsak TKO Muay Thai 17/05/23 YT Bengla Boxing Stadium, Phuket, Thailand W
..... R2 / 5x2 Pro ……………………………………………………………………………………..
W Kaimukkao TKO Muay Thai 12/04/23 YT Loikroh Boxing Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand W
..... R3 / 5x2 Pro ……………………………………………………………………………………..
W Pakaidao Unanimous Decision Muay Thai 21/11/22 YT Loikroh Boxing Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand W
2:00 R5 / 5x2 Pro ……………………………………………………………………………………..

Riz tells Awakening,I wanted to challenge myself and try something completely new. I made a bet with my friends to attend a Muay Thai class, since I was living next to one of the best martial art gyms in England, KO Combat Academy.

Riz Baladi’s Bio

Rizlane Baladi is a female Muay Thai fighter born in Caen, Normandy, France. She now lives in London, England and Bangkok, Thailand.

When we asked Riz how she started martial arts, she wrote this:

"I first started training Muay Thai in September 2021. I've never done any kind of martial arts before and used to play football for 13 years (including many years as the only girl in the local boys football team). I also played basketball and volleyball for a few years before focusing on running, hiking, bouldering and strength and conditioning during my university years. I also learnt belly dancing for 7 years in parallel. However, the first few years of my career in investment banking didn't allow me to have much time to exercise given the long hours I had to spend at the office. It had a devastating effect on both my physical and mental health and made me realise how important sport was in my life.

I then decided to work freelance before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I loved being able to work out regularly again but found it sometimes difficult to challenge myself without being part of a team. When sport facilities reopened after the pandemic, I wanted to challenge myself and try something completely new.

I made a bet with my friends to attend a Muay Thai class, since I was living next to one of the best martial art gyms in England, KO Combat Academy. I knew absolutely nothing about Muay Thai, boxing or martial arts and was curious to have to learn everything from scratch. I visited Thailand a few years before and always felt very close to the Thai culture hence Muay Thai was my first choice because of how culture is embedded in this martial art. I turned up to my first ever Muay Thai lesson with the world champion Ruqsana Begum and immediately got hooked. I became completely obsessed with the sport, working with the amazing KO team.

The accomplished fighter and KO Combat Academy Head Coach, Bradley Heason, believed in me since day 1 and pushed me to work hard to achieve my dreams as I could feel at a very early stage that I wanted to fight. Starting a fighting career in Muay Thai quite late compared to most fighters made me even more determined and disciplined.

I was and am eager to learn as much as possible and as quickly as possible, while still embracing and enjoying every step of the process. I was also surprised to see how much self-confidence anyone can gain while learning Muay Thai, being alone in the ring makes you realise you and only you are responsible for your performance and how you fight. Nevertheless, Muay Thai is still, in my opinion, a team sport as fighters couldn't do it without the incredible support they get from their team, trainers, teammates, fellow fighters and the whole Muay Thai community which is one of the most supportive I've seen so far in the sports industry.

Following my Muay Thai journey, I decided to train in Thailand for a month in November 2022 at Hongthong Muay Thai in Chiang Mai and having my first fight ever there, in full professional Muay Thai rules. I have never fought before in Europe with or without protective gear. I fell completely in love with the Muay Thai life including the training routine, mindset but also culture that is attached to it and then decided to move to Thailand in February 2023 to pursue a career as a Muay Thai fighter. After many years, I finally found what was my passion and calling and I am determined to achieve my dreams, whatever it takes.

I do not want to prove anything to anybody but keep challenging myself while inspiring others to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. With work and determination, everything is possible and it is never too late."

Personal Life

Riz was born and raised in Normandy to a French mother and Moroccan father (Berber/Amazigh indigenous heritage).

She studied a Master's degree in Business and Financial Engineering in Paris and moved to London to work as an Investment Banker. She now works as a Combat Sports Nutrition Coach.

Team Details

Name Role
FA Group, Bangkok Gym / Affiliation
KO Combat Academy, London Gym / Affiliation
Honghtong Muay Thai, Chiang Mai Previous Gym
Yothin Hamuthai | FA Group Muay Thai & S&C Coach
Bradley Heason | KO Combat Academy Muay Thai & S&C Coach
Kru King | FA Group Muay Thai & S&C Coach
Kru Op | FA Group Muay Thai & S&C Coach
Kru Tom | FA Group Muay Thai & S&C Coach
Kru Toei | FA Group Muay Thai & S&C Coach
Joe Hongthong | Hongthong Muay Thai Previous Muay Thai Coach
Manasak Pinsinchai | Manasak Muay Thai Previous Muay Thai Coach
----- Management


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