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15,000th female fighter profile added

by Rew MitchellPosted on

That's right! Today we published our 15,000th female fighter profile, Denice 'The Menace' Zamboanga, an MMA fighter and martial artist from the Philippines.  Denice is currently undefeated, make sure you check out her profile.

Our last milestones of this nature were our 10,000th profile which we published two years ago in January 2016, and our 5,000th profile that was published back in August 2014. So it appears that on average we're creating 2,500 profiles per year - which is approximately 6 a day. Out of interest the number of profiles we update with new info on average is between 800 and 1800 per month.

With this milestone in mind I thought I'd celebrate by sharing a few statistics. I love statistics!

There are:

• 6513 athletes with MMA listed at their primary disicpline
• 4952 athletes with Boxing listed at their primary disicpline
• 3072  athletes with Muay Thai or Kickboxing listed at their primary disicpline
• 190 athletes with Karate listed at their primary disicpline
• 57 athletes with BJJ listed at their primary disicpline
• 216 athletes with non of the above listed at their primary disicpline

With a lot of historical fights already listed and under our belts, we are getting much closer to being able to keep up with MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai & Kickboxing.  We're not there yet, but we're definitely getting closer each year.  Once we are able to deal with these updates effectively we will be pushing into other disciplines with the same effort - most likely BJJ first as it has ties to MMA.

If you ever wondered, these are the most common names in the database:

• Jennifer x 102 athletes
• Jessica x 145 athletes
• Maria x 148 athletes

Admittedly, aroung 3,000 of the profiles we have at the moment are bare bones without any information, other than the athletes name, discipline and country.  All of these profiles are going to be come back to and updated as soon as we can. Sadly some of these profiles have been waiting for this treatment since 2014! We have been fighting an uphill battle for six years, but with each year that passes we get closer to getting the database to a state that we're striving for.

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