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Awakening Rating System Explained

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Essentially, an athletes rating directly relates to what they have achieved during their time practicing martial arts. So after a long career, this system allows other to see just how inspirational an athlete is.

The most important thing to understand about our rating system is that we can only calculate based on the information we have on each profile. Therefore, when we uncover new information or are supplied with new information, an athletes rating will change. This will explain most cases of confusion over an athletes rating. The internet just doesn’t have all the information we need to correctly rate every single martial artist. We are relying on being in contact with the athletes and gathering certain information first hand. One of the traits that comes with being a martial artist is humbleness. This is encouraged, but it doesn’t mean that someone else (Awakening) cannot sing your praises and accomplishments!

The Awakening rating system is a complex beast that has taken a huge effort and a lot of man hours to get right. We feel it’s an important addition to the overall Awakening message of love, love, love for female martial artists and their accomplishments. Creating a system that allows for the infinite nuances of the many different disciplines was extremely difficult. Each martial art has it’s own grading system, and of course, some martial arts don’t have grading systems at all. So it was important to create a system that is fair and allows for these differences.

Each section on an athletes profile carries a different amount of points. Personal details and basic information account for a small proportion of a rating, while things such as Titles won, fight histories, tv and film appearances account for a larger proportion. Although the amount of wins and fights do carry a certain amount of points, they are not the most important element when we calculate a rating. Some high level martial artists might not compete in competitions where a W-L-D number can be arrived at. Effort and time spent practicing is awarded highly to compensate for this. The most essential thing when calculating an Awakening rating is the overall contribution to the female martial arts scene. This is the most important as it reflects the Awakening message and cause.

In rare cases, there are some female martial artists that deserve a special distinction for their contribution to martial arts and the awareness they have raised for female athletes. This brings us round to the AOCA / Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award.

Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award

This award carries the most amount of points. We felt it was important to have an award for those athletes that have done one or more of the following: achieved legendary status, accomplished extra-ordinary things and/or done something hugely important to influence public opinion towards female martial artists

The AOCA accolade serves a few very important purposes. First and foremost it allows us to highlight someone important to female martial arts and show our thanks to them. Many people will not have been aware of some of these athletes due to the vastness of the martial arts world. Bringing all the information together, it allows those special few to be applauded by all. Secondly, and most importantly it provides a platform to inspire the next generation!

We have come across a few young athletes that might deserve the AOCA in some peoples opinions. As with any lifetime achievement award, in general, such accolades are given later in a career. There are exceptions to the rule, but in extremely rare cases.

We hope that this post has helped explain a few things.

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