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Spotlight: Jasminka Cive

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Our second Awakening Spotlight brings you Jasminka Cive, to date an unbeaten MMA fighter with a rich Muay Thai history and record of 17-6-1.

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She was born in Belgrade, Serbia and as a young girl she would play fight and wrestle with her elder sister, who was bigger, stronger and four years older. Not surprisingly her sister would always win. Although it was just games, by the time she was ten she had decided that she wanted to start beating her sister, and decided to do something about it. She enrolled at the school’s Karate classes. Within two years she had reached Blue Belt. She also had many Karate fights with boys, and found that she was very good at it. In fact, she only ever lost one fight against a boy, and he was much bigger.

The Karate training was unfortunately ended by a huge move to Austria. Her father was an Officer in the Serbian Army and at the time Serbia and Bosnia were involved in a brutal conflict. He decided to relocate the family, a decision that would play a huge role in the development of the fighter we know today. Jasminka now considers herself Austrian. As you can tell Jasminka’s story does not end here…. This is an Awakening Spotlight after all!

It was not until 1998, at the age of sixteen that martial arts re-entered her life, and this time is was for good. She started training in Kickboxing and Muay Thai, two arts that she took to it very easily. If one thing can be said about Jasminka it is her unwavering drive to fight any opponent that is put in front of her. During this Muay Thai portion of her life she took all fights offered to her, leading to fighting in different weight divisions, and many European countries. Her list of opponents is impressive (impressive is a word that we will come back to!): Elga Comastri (now Pro-Boxer) in Italy, Wendy de Kok in Holland, European Champion Bianca König, multi-time World Champion Angelika Schierholt from Germany etc.

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This incredible run would have no doubt continued but a series of injuries made it impossible for Jasminka to continue for four long years. She needed four operations, three on her knees and one on her hand. The healing process on her wounds was long and arduous. It would not be until 2007 when she could make her return. The doctors told her she must stop boxing, but her love for the sport compelled her to continue.

The year she returned she became the first Austrian girl to ever win a Muay Thai title. Indeed, her first belt also, it was the much coveted ISKA Super-flyweight title. Between 2008 and 2010 she had a lot of fights. One to note was her first Boxing bout in 2009, against a male opponent. She won on points, but the poor guy had to spend the night in hospital with concussion! In 2010 she earned her second Muay Thai title against Elke Beinwachs, the ISKA Full-Rules Super-flyweight title…. It was an elbow knockout. By now you are probably thinking that this is one impressive tough cookie, and you would be right! “Impressive” is actually the fight name that Jasminka was given and it’s very fitting.

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Five weeks after winning the ISKA belt she transitioned into MMA with her first fight and won in the first round. Her second fight was yet another male opponent, and she fought to a draw, impressive for someone new to MMA. To date, she has had four more MMA fights and won them all by TKO, including the Max-FC Title in Lichtenstein. All of her hard work has now led to a multi-fight contract with the much respected Invicta Fighting Championship.

If this is not “Impressive” enough, we have actually only told you the half of it. Jasminka makes up half of Team CiWi with her fiancé Willi Ott. She teaches Muay Thai, and he teaches MMA at their own gym (Ultimate Fighting Gym) in Linz Upper Austria.

She also finds time to be the promoter of her own, and the biggest Austrian MMA and mix fight event series. Go check out her website at

Hats off to Awakening Spotlight Jasminka “Impressive” Cive.

Photography courtesy of Lisa Gritsch.

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