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Judgement Day 2: Payne vs. Lomax

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On Sunday March 23rd, Lucy Payne defends her Awakening World Title against Spain's Victoria Lomax at Judgement Day 2!

This Muay Thai event is hosted by Touchgloves (UK) in Penzance, Cornwall. So while it's not exactly an Awakening event (there are only two ladies fights on the card), both fights are now headlining! Of course, the Awakening title was always going to be the main card, but the other fight between Lauren Huxley and Vicky Church now precedes this fight - due to our influence! Top marks to organiser Nathan Kitchen for recognizing that this is exactly where this fight deserves to be - it's going to be a real barn burner.

Judgement Day 2: Payne Vs. Lomax

Allaya Kitchen will no longer be fighting at the event

We want to reiterate, Awakening will receive none of the profits from this event.

The full fight card is listed below. We have seen many of these fighters before and it looks like a really good event. If you are in the South West of the UK, then you should head over and catch the show. Details of tickets etc. can be seen on the link at the bottom of the article.

----------------------  JUDGEMENT DAY 2 ----------------------

Lucy Payne (ENG) vs Victoria Lomax (SPA)
5x3 A-Class Awakening World Title Defence @ 57kg

Vicky Church (ENG) vs Lauren 'The Hatchet' Huxley (WAL)
5x2 B-Class British Title @ 62.5kg

Joby Plant (S08, Falmouth) vs Milad (WPT, Wales)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 100kg

Corey McLaughlin (SCT) vs Tommy "Zoom" Green (ENG)
5x1.5 Junior British Title @ 35kg

James Livesy (Yoevil MAA) vs Shaun Brookes (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 72kg

Max Wright (S08, Falmouth) vs Josh Coventry (Russells Muay)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 60kg

 ---------------------- BREAK ----------------------

Marley Green (SO8, Falmouth) vs John Perry (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 71kg

Tim Nicholas (Kernow Martial Arts, St. Austell) vs Rory Coatsworth (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 K1 @ 77kg

Lewis Bowers (WAKT, Camborne) vs Barrie Prowse (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 K1 Rules @ 89kg

Callum Rollo (SO8, Falmouth) vs Jack Deacon (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 90kg

Marcin Zladka (Honiton & Exeter Muaythai) vs Isaac Ashley (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 59kg

Furkan (Yeovil MAA) vs Mark Lawry (WAKT, Camborne)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 51kg

Alam Ahmed (Russells Muay, Plymouth) vs Matt Harding (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 55kg

Ben Harris (SO8, Falmouth) vs Sean Brosnan (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 80kg

Rob Parkinson (Yeovil MAA) vs John Martin (Touchgloves, Hayle)
5x1.5 C-Class @ 88kg


If you can't make the show and really want to see the two ladies fights, don’t worry. Awakening will be there filming them and we'll have them posted on Youtube within a couple of days! If you would like to see the rest of the fights then you will have to buy the Touchgloves DVD.

You can also catch interviews with the girls here next week, in the run up to the event.

See full details of the event here:
Judgement Day 2

Watch Payne vs Lomax here:
Judgement Day 2 - Lucy Payne vs Victoria Lomax

Watch Huxley vs Church here:
Judgement Day 2 - Lauren Huxley vs Vicky Church

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