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Ruthie Wright retires

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Ruthie Wright Retires

As the title of the article suggests, Ruthie Wright today announced her retirement from fighting. Earlier this month we featured Ruthie in a spotlight article, in which we talked about her interesting life and achievements. At the time of writing the spotlight we had no idea of Ruthie’s intentions, both the article and today’s announcement were coincidentally timed.

Ruthie announced her retirement over facebook today which has saddened everyone that knows her. As we have come to get to know Ruthie a little ourselves, we understand that her decision has almost definitely been made with a heavy heart. Her reasons are somewhat out of her hands which makes it all the more difficult for her. Many of us will relate to her reasons, and those that can’t relate, sadly might do so when nearing retirement time. With her permission we are able to directly quote her informative facebook announcement.

“As much as I love Training in Thai boxing, Boxing and BJJ, it has come to the stage in my life where my body is unable to cope with the long periods of training (cardio).

1. I have my injury from last Sept which is causing issues with kicking on the left as well as pains on one side and hip/back problems.

2. My thyroid disorder (Hashimotos, which I have had since I was 25) is not allowing me to train cardio without affecting my kidneys, liver and in turn causing issues such as burning out quickly in training, fatigue, aching, water retention and weight gain. I am unable to cut weight or dictate what weight I will be from one week to the next I was always 56/58kg since 2009 one I had recovered from my chronic fatigue. Now I range from 61-67 each week. Generally more if I run and train too much in cardio.

I have therefore decided I will not be fighting again in the future.... But will not be giving up. I will hopefully train for shorter amounts of time on pads and bags, (HITT) .. and maybe have the odd roll now and again. I have much respect for everyone who trains BJJ, Thai, Boxing and MMA, they are fun sports and require 110% passion and commitment.

My roots are weight training (20 years in November) and core conditioning. This is what currently works, for my medical condition and my health, plus I've always enjoyed it!

My next Pink Mission

Hopefully if I can bring my body fat levels back down I will compete in a Body Building competition in April 2015 plus carry on with the plank challenges.

In the meantime I shall be enjoying the two months left of travelling, and training, in Chaing Mai, Ko Samui, Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam, with my partner in crime, Mark Pollington.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me!”

As you can see, it’s the right decision for her as health is always paramount to life and happiness in life. Ruthie will continue to compete in Body Building which is great news because we’re not sure anything will stop her competing in something!

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