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Timings for the Awakening Awards 2017

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Welcome to the fifth annual Awakening Awards. We give you, the female fight community and its supporters, a chance to give your valuable input. The process for the 2017 Awakening Awards is starting a couple of weeks later than usual. Here are the timings for the Awakening Awards.This is due to us needing to run the process on our new 4.0 website system. It would have been really difficult for us to start the process on our last website and then conclude it on an entirely different system. We sincerely hope that you guys are OK about us running a little late this year.  To compensate, we are cutting the typical processing time of 25 days, down to 20 days. Below is a schedule for the 2017 awards process.


Stage 1: Nominations (5th Jan - 8th Jan)
Give us your nominations by thinking back over the year that was 2017 and fill out this survey. You can give up to four nominations in each category.

The nomination stage is closed for processing on January 8th, at 18:00 (GMT)

Stage 2: Voting (Estimated start Sun 14th Jan)
Once all nominations have been processed and counted, the final voting stage will begin. Come back and submit your votes.

Stage 3: Results Announced (Approx. 25th Jan)
Due to the volume of submissions we get for our awards, the counting process and laying out of the results usually takes about six days.  However, this year we are going to work extremely hard to turn it around a couple of days faster.

Each year our awards process evolves a little, we take in constructive criticism we received from the previous year and always try to make the process a little better. With this is mind, this year has seen some quite large changes with the addition of a few new categories, and the elimination of a couple of others.

To see the full changes to the awards and categories, click one of the links below.

Changes to the Awakening WMMA Awards 2017
Changes to the Awakening Female Muay Thai Awards 2017

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