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Website 4.0, why the change?

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Website 4.0, why the change? Awakening Website 4.0 has so much to offer, this is without a doubt our largest step forward. Why did we change things? There were ultimately three key reasons for us give the website an overhaul; responsiveness, streamlining work-flow and sustainability.

Google are now officially penalizing websites for not being fully responsive (mobile and tablet friendly). This will spell the end for many websites if they don't come up to date, and we should have done so over a year ago. Almost half of you visit us on your mobile phones or tablets, so we hope that this switch to "responsive" is a welcome change! Probably the biggest impact of this can be seen on the athlete profiles.

Note: We expect there to be some teething problems with the responsive design over the next month. The website will continue to be tweaked until we have it perfect!

Streamlining Work-flow
As many people probably know by now, maintaining our website has become extremely hard work. The time needed to keep on top of just the updates has meant a big fat goodbye to social lives. So with this revision of the website we have made changes to the back end, and the way we deal with some of the information in an attempt to make our lives a little easier. We won’t really know how successful the changes have been until the end of January. As a guess, I would estimate that things should be around 20-30% easier.

It was paramount for us to introduce a platform for moving towards sustainability on this revision. Awakening is a labour of love and costs me personally hundreds of dollars every month, and the cost grows a little each time. It’s had such an impact on my life that Website 4.0 is a final attempt at reclaiming my life. Awakening needs to become sustainable or it will cease to exist. It was important for us to make sure that when introducing monetization, we continued to be as free as possible. So we decided to continue doing everything we previously did for free, but have introduced new features that our audience can purchase if they like the look of or want to support us.

If you want to find out more detail about any of these reasons please choose a link below.
Website 4.0, responsiveness
Website 4.0, streamlining work-flow
Website 4.0, sustainability

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