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Website Update 2.3.2

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As we have mentioned in previous website update articles, we are working behind the scenes on another large project. This project which remains shrouded in mystery is actually taking us much longer than expected, and may actually be another few months unfortunately. Yet again, for this reason we have only made a couple of minor tweaks, taking us to website update 2.3.2. Below we have included some update statistics as usual so you can see our progression. Thank you for your continued support!


Website update 2.3.2  Aug 1st 2014

Fixtures and Results

  • This female fight fixtures and results feature was added last month, and we now are updating them several times a day
  • Added a fixtures and results app tab on our facebook page that takes you user directly to these listings
  • Repositioned the fixtures and results category on the home page, by moving it to the top of the category list we hope that it is move visible and easier to find



  • Fixed an issue whereby sharing articles on facebook shared them with the wrong thumbnail image


Athlete Database

  • 266 new athletes added, a 75% increase on the amount added last month
  • 472 profiles updated with new information


2 new entries written and listed; the discipline of Muay Boran and the discipline of Kempo

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