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The historic NCWB1 is fast approaching

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The historic NCWB1 is fast approaching!

There is an historical event fast approaching, and this article is the first in our series taking a look at it, interviewing some of the fighters, and generally getting very excited about it! We hope you'll join us in the build-up of NCWB1!


For those that haven't yet heard of NCWB, it is an initialism of Nordic Coliseum Women Boxing and it's the organisations inaugural all female fight card! The clue is in the name that this is a women's boxing event, and if that isn't exciting enough, they really have given the card some thought. The event takes place on the 15th of August, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada - and it will be televised on GFL for all of us that aren't fortunate enough to be able to get there in person. If you are able to get to it, then it would be foolish to not get yourself down to this historical night.

Here is the card as it stands:

Kaliesha West (USA) vs Olivia Gerula (CAN)
Featherweight, 8×2, Gerula replaces Dayana Cordero (COL)

Brenda Gonzales (USA) vs Lucia Osegueda (USA)
Lightweight, 6×2

Sherine Thomas vs (CAN) _________________ (CAN)
Super Featherweight, 6×2, Vanessa Bradford has pulled out due to a hand injury

Lita Mae Button (CAN) vs Maureen Riordon (USA)
Light Welterweight, 6×2

Alexis Mary Asher (USA) vs Kaiyana Rain (USA)
Flyweight, 4×2, Asher replaces Jacqueline Park (CAN)

Monique Duval (CAN) vs Alicia Napoleon
Light Middleweight, 4×2, Napoleon replaces Maricela Cornejo (USA)

Ashley Nichols (CAN) vs Amanda Lovato (USA)
Super Flyweight, 4×2

Eloise Picard (CAN) vs Judy Pereira (CAN)
Super Bantamweight, 4×2

Over the next few days we will be publishing interviews with a few of these fighters, so keep your eyes peeled!
For details about tickets and event details visit our NCWB1 event page.

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